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[Commlist] Doc Online - Digital Magazine on Documentary Cinema under the theme: “Film schools: the teaching of documentary”, published and CFP for n. 28

Tue Apr 07 16:08:30 GMT 2020

From Marcius Freire <(marcius.freire /at/>

      We are pleased to announce the publication of the 27^th  edition
      of the /Doc Online - Digital Magazine on Documentary Cinema/ under
      the theme: “Film schools: the teaching of documentary”.


/Find below the Table of Contents of this issue/*.*

We invite you to navigate through its various sections in the website

DOC Online is now receiving material for its next issue. The deadline is may 31^st   and the theme is: *"Politics and Ideology”.*

Call for papers

DOC On-line 28 (September 2020)

The thematic Dossier : Politics and ideology.

Moving images have always been a valuable document about the moment in which they were produced. Whether fabulous, invented stories, or recorded situations of the historical world, cinema, as well as any form of representation, keeps traces of its time. With regard to documentary cinema, crises, national or international commotions were responsible for the emergence of new trends in the recording of reality or led certain filmmakers to acquire their credentials to occupy a place in the history of nonfiction film. In the first case, as an example, we have the “Kino Pravda” emerging in the post-revolution environment of 1917 in the Soviet Union; or the “ British Documentary Film Movement” that promoted the British empire in the late 1920s and 30s. Then, we find Leni Riefensthal and the propaganda of the Nazi regime in Germany (1933- 1945), or Pare Lorentz in the United States and his engagement in Frank D. Roosevelt's New Deal in the 1930s. In these cases, politics and ideology were evident drivers of the nominated movements.

Nowadays, we have seen a wave of political conservatism on a planetary level and a geopolitical rearrangement involving the main global economies.

This thematic dossier of DOC On-line has as its guiding thread the relations between the nonfiction film and the movements, whatever they may be, arising from political or ideological choices that occurred or are underway at the end of the second decade of the 21st century.

Deadline: May 31, 2020. Acceptance notifications: July 2020.

    n. 27

      enseñanza del documental / Film schools: the teaching of
      documentary / Les écoles de cinéma: l'enseignement du documentaire


        Editorial | Editorial | Editor's note | Éditorial

Escolas de cinema: o ensino do documentário <>

Marcius Freire, Manuela Penafria


PDF <>

        DOSSIER TEMÁTICO | Dossier temático | Thematic dossier | Dossier

O documentário no sistema socioeducativo: ensino como co-criação de saber <>

Júlio Vitorino Figueroa, Luciana Oliveira


PDF <>

Pedagogia do Cinema no coração do Brasil: o documentário vai à educação básica rural <>

Gisele Motta Ferreira


PDF <>

O ensino do cinema documentário como tarefa hermenêutica <>

Gustavo Silvano Batista


PDF <>

Ensino de documentário em aulas de campo <>

João de Lima Gomes, Hélder Paulo Cordeiro da Nóbrega


PDF <>

Processo de ensino no curso de especialização em produção de documentários da UFRN: experiências e reflexões <>

Adriano Charles Cruz, Maria Aparecida Ramos da Silva, Ruy Alkmim Rocha Filho


PDF <>

O curso de cinema de Arne Sucksdorff no Brasil <>

Esther Hamburger


PDF <>

        ARTIGOS | Artículos | Articles | Articles

Do encontro previsível à cena revigorada – a entrevista no documentário contemporâneo (parte 3) <>

Laecio Ricardo de Aquino Rodrigues


PDF <>

O vaqueiro como personagem no documentário brasileiro: do caráter pedagógico à construção de uma memória do deslocamento <>

Gustavo Souza, Joyce Cury


PDF <>

Viagem como formação: as afinidades eletivas do cinema documentário com a ciência folclórica (1964-1969) <>

Ana Caroline Matias Alencar


PDF <>

Rearticulação de sentidos em filmes de compilação: uma análise de Yellow Caesar (1941), de Alberto Cavalcanti <>

Mariana Duccini Junqueira Silva, Danielle Divardin


PDF <>

Cinema do oprimido – o disfarce, a encenação e a cena <>

Carlos Antonio dos Santos Segundo


PDF <>

        DISSERTAÇÕES E TESES | Disertaciones y tesis | Theses | Thèses

La voix du peuple chez Leon Hirszman : des films du CPC aux courts-métrages sur la musique <>

Juliana Araújo



A experiência do filme-ensaio em Sinfonia e Cacofonia e Cinemacidade <>

Jefferson Bruno de Sousa Cabral


PDF <>

O cinema testemunhal de Lúcia Murat <>

Raquel Valadares de Campos


PDF <>

Filmes de arquivo: possibilidades para a construção de uma memória sobre as cidades <>

Vanessa Maria Rodrigues


PDF <>

        VERSÃO INTEGRAL | Versión integral | Full version | Versión

Escolas de cinema: o ensino do documentário <>

DOC On-Line


PDF <>

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