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[Commlist] Pre-conference ECREA Section Children, Youth,and Media: Workshop on Ethics and Children’s Rights in the Digital Age

Thu Apr 02 12:02:22 GMT 2020

CFA (deadline extension) Pre-conference ECREA Section Children, Youth
and Media: Workshop on Ethics and Children’s Rights in the Digital Age

Brief description and call for abstracts:
The purpose of this event, which will be held on 02 October 2020, is
to interactively engage participants in a fruitful dialogue about
“Ethics and Children’s rights”. Participants are encouraged to discuss
their research and topics in small groups in a workshop steered by a
Senior Researcher. Thus, we encourage participants to submit a
250-word abstract until 15 June 2020 on one of the two following
themes, distributed in two sessions:

Session 1. Ethics in research with children:
When doing research with children and young people, ethical issues
arise at all stages of the life cycle of the project and invite to
reflexivity. Issues related to trust are raised when: i) Contacting
gatekeepers and accessing children and young people. Requirements may
differ depending on the country, the place of research and the groups
we want to do research with. ii) Building rapport and negotiating
consent with children and young people and explaining issues related
to anonymity and confidentiality. iii) Saving and using photographs
and videos of children and young people in research outputs (security,
misuse, dissemination…). iv) Involving children and young people in
the analyses of the data and in the dissemination of results.

Session 2. Ethics and Children’s Digital Rights:
Thirty years ago the UN Convention did not envisaged the fast pace of
digital evolution and related challenges children and families face.
Since then, the digital landscape has been increasingly accessible to
younger generations of children and decisions to keep children safe
online has created tensions between rights to protection and
participation. Considering some polarised debates and controversies on
the inevitability of digital in children’s lives and in finding a
balanced approach, we invite researchers and scholars to discuss and
reflect on ethics concerning children’s protection, participation and
provision rights and how these transfer to the digital? What changes
in the digital sphere? Or not? How can we think these rights properly,
namely right to privacy, image rights, right of personal portrayal.

Submission and selection process:
Abstracts must be submitted by April 17, 2020 to the following e-mail:
(cym.ecrea2020 /at/

Submit your abstract as an e-mail attachment with no references to the
author(s). Author(s) details (name, affiliation and contact details)
must be included in the e-mail message.

Abstracts will be subject to blind peer-review and authors of accepted
abstract must communicate their attendance by 02 September 2020.

Please note: No more than 15 abstracts will be selected for each
session. Participants should submit their proposal either for theme 1
or theme 2. Small groups of participants sharing similar issues will
allow in-depth discussions, which will be followed by the presentation
and debate in plenary.

It is possible to attend the workshop without any presentation. In
this situation, please inform the organizers on your interest and make
the registration. The total number of participants is limited to 50.

More info at

Useful info:
Date of pre-conference: 02 October 2020

Venue: Braga, Portugal (in time, we will update this information)

Call for abstracts deadline: 15 June 2020 (250 word maximum abstract)

Authors Notification: 30 June 2020

Registration: Until 02 September 2020

The preconference will close before the opening of the ECREA main conference.

There will be a small fee to cover attendance and refreshments at the

    35€ for Non-Ecrea members
    30€ for ECREA members
    15€ for PhD students.

Details and payment procedures will be announced at a later date.
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