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[Commlist] CFP 2019-20 "Perspectives on the Oceans": Issue 4, Dovetail Journal

Fri Jan 24 11:38:43 GMT 2020

Call for papers"*Perspectives on the Oceans*” from The Dovetail Journal: Intersections in Literature, Creative Arts & Media

The 2019-20 CFP for the Dovetail Journal is to be on the topic of “Perspectives on the Ocean”.

Successful submissions that pass the blind peer review process could be published in the fourth issue of the journal online in winter 2020 pending approval. Abstracts will be accepted from now and should be emailed to the General Editor no later than March 31st 2020, here (artalis /at/ <mailto:(artalis /at/>. <>

/The ocean is a contested space that serves both human and animal interests; it is a hub for industry; a wealth making resource; a home to marine animals; a food basket; a dumping ground; and a site of concern regarding climate change and global warming. Never before has there been so much debate from the public realm to the political arena over such topical issues as curbing CO2 emissions, the threat of mass extinction and the loss of ocean habitats. /

Creative and critical practice scholars, including PhD students across literature, creative arts and media are invited to submit work that focuses on the ocean and certain resonant perspectives and discourses. Submissions are invited from academic scholars or PhD candidates whose work centres in either of the following forms:

A discourse on the ocean and resonant perspectives that combines critical and creative practice across either literature, the creative arts or media, or else a discourse across all three fields.


Creative practice work in the form of an original piece of prose, poetry, new media, a screenplay, stage play, music, opera or an area within visual arts practice.

In addition, submissions of interest should concern any one of the following areas:

_Post-romantic representations of the ocean and technology. _

_The ocean as a contested boundary, past, present and future. _

_Marine traffic, marine animals and the silk road: new perspectives. _

_Defining new perspectives on the ocean from theoretical or artistic underpinnings. _

_Defining a language for the ocean as space. _

_Narrative representation of any defined sea or ocean in fiction and non-fiction. _

_The ocean and questions of aesthetic representation. _

_The sea as a liminal space between reality and fiction. _

_Marine animals, identity and representation. _

_The ocean and genre in film, animation and/or screenwriting practice. _

_The Anthropocene, the ocean and pollution. _

_The ocean as repository. _

_The ocean, ecology and war. _

_The ocean, energy and extinction. _

_The ocean as site of trauma versus opportunity._

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