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[Commlist] Precarity in Contemporary European Fiction and Documentary Film: Depictions and Discourses Symposium

Mon Jan 20 16:15:23 GMT 2020

*"Precarity in Contemporary European Fiction and Documentary Film: Depictions and Discourses"*

*January 30th to February 1st at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg /KONRAD WOLF/ (Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 11, Room 1.101).*

The symposium assembles European scholars and researchers to discuss the representation of precarity in contemporary and recent European cinema. The discussion will focus on both the differences in the diverse countries and regions, and on shared tendencies and structural similarities. We will investigate prevalent topics and the recurring use of some character-types or roles; we will take a closer look at narrative and formal tendencies as well as prevailing genres; we will consider the diversity of national or regional cinematographic traditions (in the representation of poverty and precarity) in which the new films are positioned; finally, we will debate the extent to which productions refer to broader recent social change and political debates.

Admission is open and free. Due to limited space, we kindly request that you register by sending an email to (josefine.knuth-pollok /at/ <mailto:(josefine.knuth-pollok /at/>. The symposium will be held in English.

**Organized by Elisa Cuter, Guido Kirsten, Hanna Prenzel

* <>*


*Thursday, January 30th *

2 pm — Guido Kirsten: *Opening Statement: Analysing Filmic Discourses of Precarity*

2:30 pm — Martin O’Shaughnessy: *Making Sense of Precarity in Recent French and Francophone Belgian Film: From the Conservative through the Consensual to the political — *Chair: Michael Wedel

3:30 pm — Barbara Wurm: *Margins in Focus: Remarks on Poverty in Post-Soviet Documentary Film*

Ewa Mazierska: *Representation of Poverty in Polish Post-Communist Cinema: From Absolute to Subjective Poverty — *Chair: Michael Wedel

Coffee Break

5 pm — Elisa Cuter: *To Have (Less) and Have Not.* *The Gap Between Arthouse Films and Popular Comedies in Contemporary Italian Film Production on Poverty* — Chair: Anna Luise Kiss

6 pm — Christian Ferencz-Flatz: *Social Misery in Post-Classless Societies. On Poverty in Eastern European Films. — *Chair: Anna Luise Kiss

8 pm  Dinner: *Piazza Toscana*, Rudolf-Breitscheidstr. 177 / 14482 Potsdam

*Friday, January 31st*

10 am — Anders Marklund: *Beyond Scandinavian Welfare* — Chair: Maike Sarah Reinerth

Coffee Break

11:30 am — Hanna Prenzel*: “Decollectivization is a Collective Experience” – Dimensions of Precarization in German-language Films* — Chair: Nino Klingler

12:30 pm — Manuel Garin: *Notes on Precarity and Exclusion in Contemporary Iberian Cinema: Spain/Portugal *— Chair: Nino Klingler

1:30 pm   Lunch

3 pm — Aleksandra Miljković: *Precarity in Post-Yugoslav Cinema: Everyday Life in Post-Socialist, Post-War and Transition Societies — *Chair: Chris Wahl

Coffee Break

4:30 pm — Ewa Mazierska: *Representation of Poverty in Polish Post-Communist Cinema: From Absolute to Subjective Poverty — *Chair: Thomas Schick

5:30 pm — Özgür Çiçek: *Precarity in Turkish and Kurdish Cinemas: Gender, Patriarchy, and National Identity — *Chair: Thomas Schick

*Saturday, February, 1st*

9:30 am — Ilona Hongisto: *Precarious Relationalities: Corporeal Vulnerability and the Neoliberal Condition in Recent Northeastern European film — *Chair: Josefine Knuth-Pollok

Coffee Break

11 am — Katarína Mišíková: *Social Martyrs in Contemporary Slovak Cinema — *Chair: Anna-Sophie Philippi

12 pm — Olga Kourelou://*The Precarious Spaces of Contemporary Greek-language Film — *Chair: Anna-Sophie Philippi

1 pm — Lunch

2 pm — John Hill: *Working-Class Precarity and the Social-Realist Tradition in British Cinema* — Chair: Christoph Büttner

3 pm — Gert Jan Harkema: *“When Laughter Falls Silent”: Images of Precariousness in Post-Financial Crisis Dutch Cinema — *Chair: Christoph Büttner

4 pm — *Final Discussion*

4:30 pm —*End of the Conference*

*Everybody is warmly invited!*

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