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[ecrea] Call for Papers for Society of Dance History Scholars 2010 conference at Surrey

Thu Jun 25 15:45:32 GMT 2009

Dance & Spectacle

Society of Dance History Scholars Annual Conference, 2010 Dance History Scholars Annual Conference, 2010nce,

8th-11th July 2010

University of Surrey, Guildford & The Place, London, UK

Call for Proposals   Submission Deadline: 2nd November 2009

Dance and spectacle exist in tension with each other. This conference

invites discussion of their related histories, aesthetics and politics. From

movement choirs in ancient Greece to the forms of spectacle in modern

Olympic ceremonies; from the Baroque ballets de cour to indigenous

corroboree; from protest sit-ins to Yvonne Rainer?s ?no to spectacle?, the

moving body exhibits meaning through choreographies of the visual.

Temporally situated between Beijing 2008 and the London 2012 Olympics, and located close to the

metropolitan centre of London, this interdisciplinary event will be a gathering of scholars, artists

and practitioners. Our goal is to engage with dance practices, affect and theory, history and the

present in order to seek new and relevant understandings of the relationship between dance

and spectacle.

We welcome conference papers, panels, roundtables, workshops, films and performances from

artists and scholars that address the following, or related, questions:

? What does the idea of spectacle have to say about dance and the act of looking?

? Is there a difference between the spectacle and the spectacular?

? Where exactly is the spectacular located in dance/performance? Is it in the location of a performance,

the technical virtuosity of the dancers, the moments of stillness, or the aural environment? What

makes something 'spectacular'?

? What other senses are incorporated in our experience and understanding of the 'spectacular'? What

would a blind person's construction of spectacle be?

? What are the relationships between theories of the spectacle and the spectacular and theories of dance?

? How has the spectacular been defined in the past? In dance or performance?

? How do popular dance forms engage, reify, or subvert the powers of the visual?

? How does dance use the spectacular as a means to achieve communication between performer and audience?

? What can the term spectacle mean as an artistic and critical starting point when we find ourselves in a

full-blown 'spectacle society' (photography, film, TV, digital media, global internet, social networking sites

such as You-Tube, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, et al.)?

? How has the refusal of spectacle been mobilised in art practices, either productively or negatively?

? How are dance and spectacle used to hide political tensions? In what ways is the artistic spectacle used to

point to the suppression of spectacles (of waste, war, and mass displacement?)

Society of Dance History Scholars Annual Conference, 2010University of Surrey, Guildford & _e Place, London, UK

Dance & Spectacle Events

The conference marks a collaboration between the University of Surrey, Guildford and The Place, London.

The Place is one of the leading training and performance centers for contemporary dance in the United

Kingdom and during 2010 it celebrates its 40th anniversary as an instrumental institution in the

development of British modern dance. The Place has also acted as a host institution for University of

Surrey students in their professional training placements and, in view of this long and close professional

relationship, the Saturday of the conference will be sited at the Place and papers and performances will be

co-curated by its Artistic Director Eddie Nixon. In addition, the University will host a series of events by

leading British artists engaged in explorations of vertical, aerial and site-specific dance on campus and in

Guildford town centre and, since the conference falls over the Big Dance week in London, performances

will be taking place in and around the capital that conclude with a dance extravaganza at Trafalgar Square.

Dance & Spectacle Committee Members

The conference committee members include: Dr. Melissa Blanco Borelli, University of Surrey;

Prof. Maaike A. Bleeker, University of Amsterdam; Prof. Rachel Fensham (Chair), University of Surrey;

Prof. Angela Kane, University of Michigan; Dr. Anthea Kraut, University of California Riverside;

Dr. Richard Semmens, The University of Western Ontario.

Graduate Awards and Grants for 2010

In recognition of Selma Jeanne Cohen's great contributions to dance history, the Society of Dance

History Scholars inaugurated an award in her name at its 1995 conference. The Selma Jeanne Cohen

Award aims to encourage graduate student members of SDHS by recognizing excellence in dance

scholarship. Up to three awards will be offered at each conference. Each award includes an invitation

to present a paper at the annual conference, waiver of the registration fee for that conference, and a

grant to help defray costs of attending the conference. Awards are based on the originality of the

research, the rigor of the argument, and the clarity of the writing.

Students interested in applying for the Selma Jeanne Cohen Award should follow the regular guidelines

for conference submission and check the appropriate box on the submission form. If the program

committee selects your proposal, a full-text version of the paper will be due by 1 March 2010 at the

SDHS Office. The full-text version should be sent via email to (info /at/

The Society of Dance History Scholars offers Graduate Student Travel Grants, aimed at encouraging

broad graduate student participation in its annual conference. Each year three grants will be made to

graduate students to help defray the costs of attending the annual conference. Applications for the next

round of Graduate Student Travel Grants are due at the SDHS office by 1 March 2010. Please

download the application form from Although postal submissions may be sent to the

SDHS office at 3416 Primm Lane, Birmingham AL 35216, email submissions to (info /at/ are strongly


For information on the submission of proposals, consult the SDHS website at

8th-11th July 2010

University of Surrey, Guildford & _e Place, London, UK

Nico Carpentier (Phd)
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