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[ecrea] NCA Summer Conference, Istanbul-Deadline Extension

Thu Dec 25 04:40:30 GMT 2008

*Istanbul Conference submission deadline extended to January 19, 2009!*

The National Communication Association Summer Conference on Intercultural
Dialogue for 2009 will be held July 22-26, 2009 at Maltepe University in
Istanbul, Turkey. This conference is designed around two main issues: to
discuss the current status of intercultural communication in various
cultural, social, historical and political contexts, including the term
"culture," and to explore ways of understanding and managing productively
intercultural interactions through dialogue. This will be a small working
conference, facilitating conversations intended to develop future
connections between participants. Each scholar is asked to submit one case
study of intercultural communication in which there was a conflict or
(mis)understanding, and to provide one approach, theory, or analytical tool
that can be used to productively understand and/or resolve the issue
presented in the case study. The case studies are now due by January 19,
2009 Papers at the time of initial submission
should be approximately 10 pages in length, and should present and analyze a
single case study. Papers will undergo a process of blind peer review; those
accepted will have until April 19 to complete the full versions. To
facilitate discussions at the conference, the conference language will be
English. NCA has provided funds for travel stipends to participants
either based outside the United States, and/or who are junior faculty. For
further information, (contactwendy.leeds.hurwitz /at/

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