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Mon Nov 26 21:17:38 GMT 2018

Joyce Rothschild and I, along with two other co-organizers, are heading up a relatively new research network I "Alternatives to Capitalism" at Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE).  Our network will meet at the New School for Social Research in New York City on June 27-29, 2019.

Cut and pasted below (and attached) are information about our network It's a call for papers, along with the general SASE conference theme and links for travel funding available for young scholars. We look forward to receive your proposals for papers and/or sessions.  Abstracts are due *January 14**^th **, 2019.*****If accepted, full papers due May 15, 2019.
Please spread the word in your networks and amongst your colleagues who might be potentially interested!  (Personally, I am particularly interested in hearing from scholars researching alternative education and other human services!)

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need further info.

Our best wishes for 2019,

Katherine K. Chen, Joyce Rothschild,Lara Monticelli, and Torsten K.R. Geelan


*27-29 June 2019*


*Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) Annual Meeting***


*2019 Conference Theme****“**Fathomless Futures: Algorithmic and Imagined”* <>*[1]*

*At the New School for Social Research, New York City, NY, USA*


*“Alternatives to Capitalism” Research Network I.***

Join our vibrant and interdisciplinary SASE research network “Alternatives to Capitalism” by submitting a *paper abstract*(max. 1000 words) or a *session proposal*(up to four presenters + 1 discussant). Depending on space, round table presentations and other alternative proposals may also be possible – if interested, please contact us.

Deadline for SASE submissions:*January 14**^th **, 2019.*****If accepted, full papers due May 15, 2019.

Please submit your proposals using the online system at this link:

Early career scholars are eligible to apply for the Early Career Workshop. If selected, the conference fee cost, the full conference accommodation and the additional night of accommodation for the Workshop will be covered. More info here:

For grad students presenting in our network, we may have access to reasonably priced accommodation, please check later for more info.

For inquiries regarding the SASE research network I. “Alternatives to Capitalism,” please contact the co-organizers:

·       Lara Monticelli (Copenhagen Business School): (lmo.mpp /at/ <file:///C:/Users/lmo.mpp/Dropbox/SASE%20RN%20AtC/SASE%202019/(lmo.mpp /at/>

·       Torsten K.R. Geelan (University of Leicester): (tkrg1 /at/ <file:///C:/Users/lmo.mpp/Dropbox/SASE%20RN%20AtC/SASE%202019/(tkrg1 /at/>

·       Katherine K. Chen (The City College of the New York and the Graduate Center, CUNY): (kchen /at/ <file:///C:/Users/lmo.mpp/Dropbox/SASE%20RN%20AtC/SASE%202019/(kchen /at/>

·       Joyce Rothschild (Virginia Polytechnic Institute): (joycevt /at/ <file:/// /at/>

*Alternatives to Capitalism RN Call for Papers*

The recent and yet unresolved Great Recession has revealed just how unjust, inefficient and unsustainable contemporary capitalism has become. This has revitalized public and academic debate about the future of capitalism and the urgent need to envision and enact alternatives that can help tackle the multiple crises that societies are currently facing: high and rising inequality of income and power, eroding democracy, human-induced climate change and environmental destruction.

As income and wealth inequality have intensified within capitalist societies, people’s sense of voice or control over longstanding societal institutions has also diminished.  In response, many people across the globe have joined together to create new futures through alternative systems, institutions, organizations and other collectives, and relationships. Our network encourages research and scholarship on such collective efforts to create more transformative, egalitarian, horizontal or non-hierarchical practices, relations, social movements, groups, organizations, and societies.  Moreover, our network provides an engaging forum for discussing and envisioning alternatives.

The broad aim of this research network is to advance the international, comparative and interdisciplinary study of alternatives to capitalism and its associated institutions. More specifically, the research network has three goals:

1)     To *bridge the disparate interpretative frameworks *that exist by engaging in a theoretical systematization of the literature;

2)     To *map existing alternatives *embedded within various socio-economic and geographic contexts;

3)     To *encourage the use of innovative research methods *that can provide new insights and reach broader audiences.

Contributors are invited to investigate and analyse the practices, strategies and discourses being used by different social groups to enhance and exercise social power rooted in the voluntary association of people and based on the capacity to engage in collective action of various sorts.


*Topics of interest***include, but are not limited to: cooperatives (worker/producer/consumer) and cooperativism; political and ethical consumerism; eco-villages and sustainable communities; community and practice-based initiatives; the future of work; radical lifestyles; utopias and alternative futures; prefigurative initiatives and prefigurative politics; direct democracy and municipalism; commons and commoning; alternative forms of organisation and governance; anti-capitalist trade unions and political parties; transformative social innovation; alternative media and other forms of alternative social reproduction. We are particularly interested in the ways in which the State and the market interact with these alternatives through mechanisms of facilitation, co-optation, or repression.

We look forward to meeting you in New York City in June 2019!

With our best wishes for 2019,

Lara, Torsten, Katherine and Joyce

[1]Submissions may concern either the theme and/or research network interests.

Katherine K. Chen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dept. of Sociology
The City College of New York and the Graduate Center, CUNY

Mailing address:
Dept. of Sociology
160 Convent Ave., NA 6/133
NY, NY 10031
email: (kchen /at/ <mailto:(kchen /at/>
phone: 212-650-5850 (email is the best way of reaching me)
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