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[ecrea] Call for Chapters in Radio Studies

Wed Nov 14 21:29:40 GMT 2018

*Seeking a few more chapters to include in the book below to be published by Rutgers University Press. This book is already under contract.*

*If you have a _completed study_ that is relevant, please consider submitting it for possible publication.*



*/Radio’s SecondCentury: A Reader/*


JohnAllenHendricks,StephenF.AustinStateUniversity((jhendricks /at/ <mailto:(jhendricks /at/>)

*Book Topic:*

As radio enters its second centuryofservingthenews, information, and entertainment needs of listeners aroundthe world and despiteseismicshifts both internallyandexternally, it has remained averyrobustand vital media industry.Undeniably, the radio industryhaswitnessed extraordinarychanges and challenges sincethe passageof theRadio Act of1927, and it remains aprimarymass mediaoutlet around theglobe.

Recent research indicatesthat 91%of Americans,or243 million people, aged 12+listen to radio weekly, 53%listen to online radio monthlyfrom mobile phones andcomputers, and81%listen to radio when theyareinautomobiles. Researchalso indicates radio continues to havethe ability to appeal to new listeners. Millennials, thosebornbetween 1982and 2004,arenow thelargest shareof the radio audience. Moreover, UNESCO asserts: “Radio is the mass media reachingthe widest audiencein theworld.” Therearemorethan 40,000 radio stations worldwide. Undeniably, despitenumerous challenges, radio isthriving. This book willexploreand explain how theradio industryhas been able to remain relevant.

Researchfrom both national and international perspectives of theradio industrywill be evaluated. Specifically, thebookwill examineissues that haveplayed apivotal role in radio’s evolution, andmayspecificallyfocus attention on: 1) technological changes andchallenges (internet, mobile, and satellite); 2)legal, regulatory,and ownership policies; 3) ashiftingand dynamicaudience; 4) management/sales; 5) programming; and, 6)the historyof theindustry. All research methods and theoretical approaches will beconsidered.

*Specific Topics thatCould beExplored:*Digitalmusic, Pandora, Spotify,iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Apple and Digital Music, Rdio’s partnership with Cumulus, Radio Advertising, Radio Listener Demographics (Teens, Millennials, GenX, BabyBoomers), PerformanceFees, Connected Cars, HDRadio, Social Media, Radio Automation andLocalism, etc.

*Chapter Guidelines:*


20-25 pages, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, APA style guide.//

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