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[ecrea] IJoC Publishes 15 Papers in October

Fri Nov 02 06:41:54 GMT 2018

The International Journal Communication is pleased to announce the
publication of 15 papers in October 2018. To read these papers, please go to We look forward to your feedback!
 Imbalances in On-Demand Documentary Offerings. The Case of a Small Media
Market: Belgium
Catalina Iordache, Eline Livémont
 It’s Only a Game, Let’s Leave Politics Out of It: Mega-Sporting Events,
Broadcasting Rights, and Network News Bias
Catie Snow Bailard, Mark Major
 The Panama and Paradise Papers. The Rise of a Global Fourth Estate
Peter Berglez, Amanda Gearing
Comparing Digital Media Industries in South Korea and Australia: The Case of
Netflix Take-Up
Tim Dwyer, Yongwoon Shim, Heejin Lee, Jonathon Hutchinson

Young People's Attributions of Privacy Rights and Obligations in Digital
Sexting Culture
Emily Setty

A Political Leader’s Image in Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding: The
Impact of Competence, Charisma, Integrity and Gender
Diana Ingenhoff, Susanne Klein
 Framing the Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Comparative Analysis of Arabic and
English News Sources
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Caitlin Miles

The History of Media Policy Based on Mediatization: A Theoretical
Maria Löblich

A Normative Study of Broadcast Regulators in the Arab World
Bouziane Zaid

Does a Media Organization’s Defense of its Own Image Matter?
Chuka Onwumechili

“Harmonious Middle Kingdom and Dangerous Beautiful Country?” Exploring
Cultivation Effects of Domestic and U.S.-Made TV Programs on Chinese College
Students?” Exploring Cultivation Effects of Domestic and U.S.-Made TV
Programs on Chinese College Students
Yong Tang, Xue Dou, Mary Beth Oliver

Mongolia’s 2015 Referendum via Text Messaging: Engaging Rural and Nomadic
Citizens in Public Screen Deliberation
Allison Hahn
 Anthony Donoghue, Statistics and the Media: Foundations in Statistical
Thinking through Media Examples
Eiki Satake
 Grant Bollmer, Inhuman Networks. Social Media and the Archeology of
Jérôme Bourdon
Darin Barney, Gabriella Coleman, Christine Ross, Jonathan Sterne, and Tamar
Tembeck (Eds.), The Participatory Condition in the Digital Age
Laura Simpson Reeves
     Larry Gross

Arlene Luck Managing Editor
International Journal of Communication (IJoC)
USC Annenberg Press
University of Southern California

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