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[ecrea] call for papers: Global Handbook of Communications and Sustainable Development

Tue Oct 30 07:59:13 GMT 2018

Following the call for papers for the proposed Global Handbook of Communications and Sustainable Development, we have received amazing submissions from every part of the world. The quality and diversity of the submissions were quite encouraging. Proposals were received from diverse places; from New Zealand to Egypt, Australia to Ethiopia, Spain to China, United States to Nigeria,  United Kingdom to Kyrgyzstan, Turkey to Bangladesh and much more.  The diversity of the topics submitted makes the project even more exciting. But we still have room to add more chapters. We are specifically interested in submissions on the SDGs. One of the aims of the book is to cover how all the SDGs are communicated in various communication platforms. Multidisciplinary approaches to communications and sustainable development are highly encouraged. The extended deadline for the submission of abstracts  is now 15 December 2018. I look forward to receiving your proposals. Please find the revised call for papers below:

*Global Handbook of Communications and Sustainable Development*

In 2015 several member states of the United Nations agreed on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or what is known as the 2030 agenda. The SDGs are expected to address major global challenges such as poverty alleviation, access to education, addressing inequality, climate change, improving access to quality healthcare, eradicating hunger, ensuring environmental sustainability, promoting innovation and infrastructural development among others.

To what extent are the intended beneficiaries of this ambitious plan aware of the 2030 agenda? What is the role of the media in communicating the SDGs? Are the efforts to communicate the global goals reaching the target beneficiaries or do they end up as gathering of elites in major capitals with little to show for in terms of impact for the ordinary people? How can communication be utilized to address the challenges of achieving sustainable development? How is the digital media being utilized in communicating for sustainable development? How can communication serve as a tool for community empowerment in achieving sustainable development? These are some of the questions that the /Global Handbook of Communications and Sustainable Development/ would seek to address. The book, expected to be published by Palgrave Macmillan seek multidisciplinary contributions that provide critical analysis, empirical research, theoretical insights and practical examples on communication and sustainable development. Themes to be covered by the book include, but not limited to the following areas:

  * History of communication and sustainable development
  * Theories of communication and sustainable development
  * Origin and challenges of implementing the SDGs
  * Communicating the global goals (17 SDGs and 169 targets)
  * Regional experiences in communicating sustainable development
    (Africa, Asia, Europe, North & Latin America)
  * Communicating sustainable development through higher education
  * Communication, sustainable development and social change
  * Communication, sustainable development and social Justice
  * Elite discourse, language and sustainable development
  * Digital media and sustainable development
  * Journalism and sustainable development
  * Citizen journalism and sustainable development
  * International communication and sustainable development
  * Communication, foreign policy and sustainable development
  * Communication, fragility, resilience and sustainable development
  * Sustainable development and peace communication
  * Role of international multilateral development agencies in
    communicating sustainable Development
  * Role of NGOs and civil societies in communicating sustainable
  * Role of traditional institutions in communicating sustainable
  * Public Service Broadcasting and sustainable development
  * Corporate communications for sustainable development
  * Comparative approaches in communicating sustainable Development
  * Communication and financing for sustainable development
  * Challenges in communicating sustainable development
  * Diasporic media and sustainable development
  * Communication policy and sustainable development
  * Communication, innovation and sustainable development

*Time line *

Authors should submit an abstract of 250-300 words to the editor, Muhammad Jameel Yusha'u, (mjyushau /at/ <mailto:(mjyushau /at/>

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15^th December 2018

Notification for accepted abstracts: 30^th December 2018

Full chapters: 30^th March 2019 (5000-8000 words maximum)

All abstracts should contain the following information:

  * Title of chapter
  * Full name of author(s)
  * Affiliation
  * Email address and other contact details
  * Short bio (150 words maximum)

All submissions will undergo a review process

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