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[ecrea] Call for abstracts - ‘Like an animal': Refugees, Animals, and multiculturalism

Thu Oct 25 20:06:52 GMT 2018


*(Book) ‘Like an animal': Refugees, Animals, and multiculturalism*
Editors: Natalie Khazaal & Núria Almiron

We would like to invite you to contribute with a chapter to a new co-edited volume titled /‘Like an Animal’: Refugees, Animals, and Multiculturalism/. Communication scholars are very much welcomed to this multidisciplinary volume.

The volume explores the unexamined links between human migrants/refugees and nonhumans (refugees in their own right) during global migration crises. The volume’s goal is to open an interdisciplinary and multicultural discussion on the structural, symbolic, and discursive logics behind the human-animal divide as reflected and perpetuated in the case of human migration crises. Contributions will examine any of the intersections between human refugees and nonhuman animals’ interests, treatment, legal status, or media narratives and policies that target them in multicultural states: the EU, MENA, Latin America, and the US. Some of the questions we aim to address include:

  * How does the shift toward securitization, much exacerbated by the
    migration crisis, reify the two vulnerable groups?
  * What do multicultural states risk in denying the suffering of these
    “huddled masses”?
  * How does the human-animal construct frame and perpetuate the
    treatment of the two vulnerable groups?
  * What are the common ideological roots of the oppression of the two
  * Why is it useful to think about the intersections between human
    migrants/refugees and speciesism?
  * What role does the human-animal divide play in racism,
    ethnocentrism, classism, etc. as applied to global migration crises?

The volume will be of interest to scholars, researchers, journalists, and students as well as a range of governmental and nongovernmental organizations devoted to social justice including animal rights, human rights, and environment activism. We expect to select 10-12 contributions to seek publication in 2020 with a top international academic publisher (Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Sage, Routledge, Palgrave Macmillan, etc.). The volume will commit to principles of nonviolence and ethical veganism, and use non-speciesist language. The contributions are (provisionally) due by August 31, 2019; the length of each chapter is 7,000-8,000 words (references and notes included).

Deadline for submitting 300-400 word abstracts: Nov 20, 2018

Please send abstract submissions to: (nataliekhazaal /at/ <mailto:(nataliekhazaal /at/>

*Natalie Khazaal*, Assistant Professor, International Studies Department, Texas A&M University. Dr. Khazaal studies the links among minorities, media, and language. She has published two books and several articles, including on speciesism in the US and Spanish media and EU policy on vivisection. Her latest book, Pretty Liar: Television, Language, and Gender in Wartime Lebanon, is a cultural study of the role of audiences in redefining trust in the media during violent crises and deep social divisions. Dr. Khazaal is on the board of Ideas Without Borders, an organization that promotes the free exchange of ideas and defends human rights from extremists and authoritarian regimes; she is also the faculty advisor for No Lost Generation-Texas, a student initiative for global refugee/migrant crisis relief efforts. *Nuria Almiron*, Associate professor at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Almiron’s main research areas are critical animal and media studies, the political economy of communication, communication ethics and influence groups and advocacy. She has published more than 30 peer- reviewed articles and is an author or co-author of a similar number of books, including the co-edited volume Critical Animal and Media Studies (2016, Routledge). She is the co-director of the UPF-Centre for Animal Ethics, the director of THINCKClima Research Project and the director of the MA in International Studies in Media, Power and Difference.

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