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[ecrea] new Book on Media Dynamics of Cultural Conflicts in Scandinavia - Open Access

Sat Sep 29 10:44:49 GMT 2018

A team of Norwegian, Danish and Swedish scholars has published the book
CONTESTING RELIGION.The Media Dynamics of Cultural Conflicts in Scandinavia (ed. by Knut Lundby)

It is available open access for download chapter by chapter from and as paperback from De Gruyter.

The book explores conflicts related to religion as they play out in public broadcasting, social media, local civic settings, and schools. It examines how the mediatization of these controversies influences people’s engagement with contested issues about religion, and redraws the boundaries between inclusion and exclusion.
Distinguished international scholars comment upon the Scandinavian findings.

Introduction: Religion and Media in Cultural Conflicts

Part 1: Contexts
1. Scandinavia: Traits, Trends and Tensions
2. Attitudes: Tendencies and Variations
3. Understanding Media Dynamics
4. Approaching Contested Religion

Part 2: Controversies

Public Service Media
5. Perspectives: Cross-Pressures on Public Service Media
6. Nationalizing Christianity and Hijacking Religion on Facebook
7. Planning Public Debate: Beyond Entrenched Controversies about Islam
8. Contradicting Ideals: Islam in Swedish Public Service Radio

Local Civic Settings
9. Perspectives: Theorizing Mediatized Civic Settings and Cultural Conflict
10. Moral Involvement or Religious Scepticism? Local Christian Publications on Asylum Seekers
11. Media, Muslims and Minority Tactics: Compelling Dialogues in Norway
12. Life in the Spotlight: Danish Muslims, Dual Identities, and Living with a Hostile Media

Upper Secondary Schools
13. Perspectives: Mediatized Religious Education
14. ‘Let Me Entertain You’: Media Dynamics in Public Schools
15. Inescapable News Coverage: Media Influence on Lessons about Islam

Part 3: Crosscurrents
16. Gender, Diversity and Mediatized Conflicts of Religion: Lessons from Scandinavian Case Studies
17. Interaction Dynamics in the Mediatization of Religion Thesis
18. Globalization and the Mediatization of Religion: From Scandinavia to the World

Afterword: Media Dynamics of Religious Diversity

The book is based in the now completed CoMRel project Engaging with Conflicts i Mediatized Religious Environments

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