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[ecrea] Call for Abstracts - Conference of the European Association for Critical Animal Studies

Thu Sep 20 16:31:07 GMT 2018

Communication scholars are very much welcomed to this multidisciplinary conference:

/6^th  Conference of the European Association for Critical Animal Studies (EACAS)/

*“Rethinking revolution: Nonhuman animals, antispeciesism and power”*

*Barcelona, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 22-24 May 2019*

Call for abstracts:

Although human exploitation of nonhuman animals is by no means a modern development, it has grown exponentially in the last century. It is under capitalism that human abuse of their power over nonhuman animals has reached a massive scale, with a corresponding massive worsening of its consequences. This includes the suffering of trillions of sentient beings exploited in miserable conditions and killed for trivial purposes in the majority of cases, but also the massive contribution to global warming of industries like agribusiness, as well as the negative impact these practices have on social justice, intra-human violence and human health. The animal liberation movement therefore not only calls for justice and compassion for nonhuman animals, but also confront the results of industrial capitalism and modernity with a radical consciousness-raising claim. This claim is radical because it provides the most accurate condemnation of privilege and the status quo by revealing how inequality does not exist only at the intra-species level, but also at the inter-species level, and that both levels are closely interlinked and thus ought to be addressed jointly.

In the spirit of the field of Critical Animal Studies, the aim of this conference is to encourage scholars, students and activists to rethink the revolution that animal liberation theory represents since its inception in the 1970s, a social movement bringing the fight against oppression to its logical conclusion.

The conference welcomes proposals from a variety of scholars and disciplines – including critical academics, independent researchers, students and activists – reflecting on the intersecting themes of the conference: power, total liberation and antispeciesism. The conference also welcomes papers focused on any topic critically addressing nonhuman animals’ exploitation from a social science or humanities perspective, for a list of themes please check

The conference encourages the approach of critical animal studies and non-speciesist perspectives on all sorts of discrimination, oppression and abuse towards farmed animals, animals in labs and animals in entertainment, among others, including animals living in the wild.

*Please send your abstracts by 15th December 2018 to *(cae /at/ <mailto:(cae /at/>

All abstracts must be written in English. The conference language is English. Abstracts should include:

  * Abstract Title of 30 words maximum
  * Abstract Text of 500 words maximum
  * A brief biography of the author (150 words maximum) including name,
    affiliation and contact details

The number of submitted abstracts per author is limited to two.

We strongly encourage submissions by women and other socially underrepresented groups.

Decisions on abstracts will be notified by: 15 January 2019

*Conference website*:

*Organisers*: EACAS, UPF-Centre for Animal Ethics, CRITICC Research group at Department of Communication of Universitat Pompeu Fabra

*Keynotes confirmed*: Claire Parkinson (Edge-Hill University UK), Elisa Aaltola (University of Turku, Finland), Aph Ko (Black decolonial theorist)

*Conference Committee:*

  * Núria Almiron, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  * Catia Faria, University of Minho
  * Daniela R. Waldhorn, Universitat de Barcelona
  * Laura Fernández, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  * Eze Paez, University of Minho

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