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[ecrea] New book: The International Photojournalism Industry: Cultural Production and the Making and Selling of News Pictures

Sun Sep 02 20:45:02 GMT 2018

The book “The International Photojournalism Industry: Cultural Production and the Making and Selling of News Pictures” is now out.

The book is pitched to scholars, graduates and advanced undergraduates, but also to a specialist audience. It would be great for undergraduate classes in cultural studies, communications, media and business studies, and to various photography and marketing degrees. And it is also suitable for various graduate programs in media, globalization, and international journalism, and to journalism and photography professional programs.

How are events turned into news pictures that define them for the audience? How do events become commodified into pictures that both capture them and reiterate the values of the agencies that sell them? This book looks at every stage of the production of news photographs as they move to and from the ground and are sold around the world. Based on extensive fieldwork at a leading international news agency that includes participant observation with photographers in the field, at the agency’s local and global picture desks in Israel, Singapore, and the UK, in-depth interviews with pictures professionals, and observations and in-depth interviews at /The Guardian/’s picture desk in London, the findings in this book point to a wide cultural production infrastructure hidden from – and yet also nurtured and thus very much determined by – the consumer’s eye.


Order directly from the Routledge site here (hardback, or as ebook with a 10% discount)

Or through Amazon here:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch


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