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Wed Jun 13 20:28:33 GMT 2018

The /Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies <,id=215/>/ invites papers highlighting global intersections and artistic interconnections: Italian Cinema & Media across times and spaces.

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The /JICMS/ is an English-language forum for theoretical, methodological and critical debate on Italian film and media production, reception and consumption. It provides a platform for dialogue between academics, filmmakers, cinema and media professionals. This peer-reviewed journal invites submissions of scholarly articles relating to the artistic features, cultural themes, international influence and history of Italian film and media. Furthermore, the journal intends to revive a critical discussion on the /auteurs/, revisit the historiography of Italian cinema and celebrate the dynamic role played by new directors. The journal includes a book and film review section as well as notes on Italian film festivals abroad and international conference reports.

We invite proposals for single papers, pre-constituted panels and roundtables that identify intersections and artistic interconnections shaping contemporary Italian cinema and media productions in a global world.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

- The contemporaneity of Italian auteurs

- Environmentalism and Italian film

- Rhizomatic approaches to Italian film history

- Transnationality in Italian film

- Representations and constructions of identities from the perspectives of gender, ethnicity and nationalism

- Migrant and refugee filmmaking

- Mobilities within and between diasporas

- Glocal Italy: production and representation of localism, regionalism and globalisation

- The new Italian documentary

- Italian sound studies

- Future directions for Italian film studies

- LGBTQ cinema

- Fellini for the New Millennium

- Productions and series in the field of literature (Ferrante’s cycle, Ammaniti’s first series, a sequel of The

Young Pope)

- Historical and contemporary approaches to film remakes in Italy

- Regional film commissions

- Foreign productions in Italy

- Italian productions abroad

- Italian remakes of non-Italian films

- Foreign remakes of Italian films

- Unmade Italian silent films

- Abandoned or halted studio projects

- Abandoned Italian adaptations and screenplays

- Production, distribution and Italian film festivals

- (New) avant-garde, experimental and independent Italian film and digital video

- Italian cinematic intertextuality

- Italian digital cinema

- Virtual reality in Italian cinema

- Post-cinema

- Animation

- New perspectives on the history/archaeology of Italian cinema and other media

- The aesthetics of Italian cinema and other media technologies

- Infotainment: newspapers, magazines, radio and television news, all news channels, online information

outlets, social media

- Emotainment: popular press, reality television, factual programming and talent shows, branding and

advertising, online videos and spaces

- Politainment: electoral campaigns, spin doctoring, leadership building, political and public communication

practices, talk shows, online engagement

- Edutainment: Radio and television shows, podcasts

- Media products and transmedia/transnational practices

- Hybridity and media borders

- Television and web seriality

- Electronic games across platforms and genres as well as ludic and serious online environments

- Old, new and residual media

Second International Conference
The American University of Rome
14-15 June 2019

Deadline for submissions: 30 September 2018

Abstracts for consideration should be submitted to the conference organizer Flavia Laviosa at (flaviosa /at/ <mailto:(flaviosa /at/>

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