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[ecrea] Borderlines VI: Performing Across the Frontiers of Fear Conference, De Montfort University, Leicester, 21st June 2018

Wed Jun 13 20:28:12 GMT 2018

De Montfort University's Drama Research Group and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Dance (CIRID) warmly invite you to/Borderlines VI: Performing Across the Frontiers of Fear//,/ an interdisciplinary conference to be held on Thursday the 21st June. See below for the programme, details of our keynote speaker, Jen Harvie, Professor of Contemporary Theatre and Performance at Queen Mary, University of London, and also a link to a map of the DMU campus.

The full conference fee is £20, and £10 for students / unwaged. The link to register via DMU's online booking store can be accessed here:

For further information, please contact Alissa Clarke ((a.clarke /at/ <>) or see:


_*Borderlines V**I**: **Performing Across the Frontiers of Fear***_

*De Montfort University, **Thursday 21^st June 2018, 8.45 – 20.15*


*Location: PACE Building*

Three pop up performances of around 5 minutes in duration will take place by *‘Deborah’ *(‘Funmi Adewole, DMU) throughout the day.**

*8.45 – 9.15Arrival and registration (PACE Mezzanine) – *Tea and coffee and a chance to view the display by DMU’s special collections and to see */The Filth [Buckle Up] /*(Nick Kilby, DMU) in *PACE 2, break out space 1.06 (rehearsal room three).*

*9.15 – 9.20Welcome (PACE 2): *Alissa Clarke – Senior Lecturer in Drama, /Borderlines/Conference Chair


*9.20 – 10.40Panel 1: /Opening up to the Fear of Self and Other /(PACE 2) *

Chair: Tracy Cruickshank**

*‘The Ethics of Participation and Participation Gone Wrong’*

Kelly Jordan (DMU)

*‘Overcoming Fear in the Collaborative Devising Process (with particular reference to New Art Club’s /Cupid’s Revenge/)’*

Pete Shenton (DMU)


*‘Fear of Losing / Dissolving a Sense of Self and / or of Opening Oneself up to Another’*

Alice Tuppen-Corps (DMU)

*10.40 – 10.55Break (PACE Mezzanine) – *Tea and coffee and a chance to view the display by DMU’s special collections and to see */The Filth [Buckle Up] /*(Nick Kilby, DMU) in *PACE 2, break out space 1.06 (rehearsal room three).*

*10.55 – 11.45Panel 2: /Challenging the Anxieties of Representation /(PACE 2)//*

Chair: Steve Chibnall**

*‘Clio Barnard: Challenging the Anxieties of Crossing Disciplines?’***

Elinor Parsons (DMU)

*‘This will be your version of what happened’: Performance, Perspective and Control in /Jackie/(2016)’*

Ellen Wright (DMU)


*11.45 – 11.55**Comfort break / changeover*


*11.55 – 13.20Panel 3:/Fears of National and Colonial Borders /(PACE 2) *

Chair:**Rob Brannen

*‘**Sacrifice to the gods – in the Heart of London: Les Ballets Nègres 1949’*

Ramsay Burt (DMU)

*'Symposium on Sharing Visions of War'*

Lala Meredith-Vula (DMU)

*‘**/Utrecht /**– Dramatising Britain’s Tensest Frontier’*

Julian Felice (Gibraltar)

*13.20 – 14.20Lunch on the PACE Mezzanine –*and a chance to view the display by DMU’s special collections and to see */The Filth [Buckle Up] /*(Nick Kilby, DMU) in *PACE 2, break out space 1.06 (rehearsal room three).*

*14.20 – 15.20**Keynote – **‘Sexual Harassment, Fear, and Other Feelings**’ **(PACE 2)*

Jen Harvie (Queen Mary)

*15.20 – 15.30**Comfort break / changeover*


*15.30 – 16.50Panel 4 (postgraduate panel): /Fearfully/lessly Crossing Selves and Others /(PACE 2)*

Chairs: Kieran Sellars and Sophie Swoffer**

*‘Fear of the Postdramatic Self: A Performance Portfolio*

Christopher Howitt (DMU)


*‘Just whose voice is it anyway?: Gendered Voices in Practice, Performance and Academia’*

Lucy Ovenall (DMU)

*‘Searching for Queer Love in Performance**’*

Matthew Schlerf (Rose Bruford College, London)



Hayley Hirsch (Rose Bruford College, London)

‘*T**hings to consider when working with mental health performers/participants**/subject’*

Emma Louvelle (Roehampton)


*16.50 – 17.05Break (PACE Mezzanine) – *Tea, coffee and cake


*17.05 – 18.25Panel 5: /Fearful and Fearless Bodies /(PACE 2)*

Chair: Justin Smith**

*‘Fear of Protrusions / Fear of Ambivalence’***

Eirini Kartsaki (East15 Acting School, University of Essex)

*‘The Fearless Acts of Penny Slinger and Amanda Feilding: Eluding Collaborations with Peter Whitehead’***

**Alissa Clarke (DMU)


*‘Survival through Sickness: Fear and the ‘Zombie’ in Martin O’Brien’s /The Unwell/(2017)’*

Kieran Sellars (DMU)

*18.25 – 18.30Changeover period*

*18.30 – 19.05Panel 6: /Expressing Daily Worries and Challenging the Anxieties of Crossing Disciplines /(PACE 2)***

*//*Chair: Marie Hay


Lewys Holt (Independent Artist)

*‘**/Deborah/**: Crossing African storytelling/contemporary theatre’***

‘Funmi Adewole (DMU)

*19.05 – 19.15Closing Remarks and announcement of performances*

**Ramsay Burt and Chris Howitt

*19.15 – 20.15Wine and refreshments reception on the PACE Mezzanine and a chance to experience /It’s Sophie! /*(Sophie Swoffer) *in PACE 2 at 19.35 and **/The Filth [Buckle Up] /*(Nick Kilby, DMU) *in PACE 2, Break Out Space 1.06 (rehearsal room three) at 20.00**. *Performances co-ordinated by Chris Howitt


*20.30Dinner -*Shivalli Restaurant, Welford Road (payment required)

*Jen Harvie* is Professor of Contemporary Theatre and Performance at Queen Mary University of London. Her monographs include /Fair Play – Art, Performance and Neoliberalism/ and /Theatre & the City/. Co-edited collections include /The Only Way Home Is Through the Show: Performance Work of Lois Weaver/. She co-edits Palgrave Macmillan’s series /Theatre &/ and runs the podcast /Stage Left with Jen Harvie/ <>.

*Sexual Harassment, Fear, and Other Feelings*

Since autumn 2017, it has been virtually impossible to avoid the public revelations about sexual harassment – especially by older men of younger women – in the performing arts sector, particularly film and theatre. The scale of revelations has been huge and their scope widespread. Events have happened fast, moving through a tidal wave of #MeToo stories into a series of ‘Time’s Up’ strategies aimed at pursuing justice for those wronged, calling an end to harassment, and effecting a culture change that will prevent harassment in future.

In this presentation, I explore how feelings – including but not restricted to fear – have contributed to this deep history of harassment, as well as to its revelations and events in their wake. I ask what feelings – including fear – contributed to producing the harassment itself, preventing its earlier revelation, and now enabling its disclosure, retribution, and culture change. Drawing on psychoanalytic theory, affect theory, and other ways of thinking, I explore a range of feelings, from an arresting sense of isolation, vulnerability, and futility, to a righteous sense of solidarity, strength, rage, justification, power, and hope. I consider how this important story has been performed, at industry functions, #MeToo events, and through shows addressing the issues. I ask what focusing on feelings helps us to understand about this history of sexual harassment, but also what else we need to consider, ‘beyond’ feelings, to more fully understand and overcome it. My aims are to better understand what happened, to support the future prevention of harassment, and also to pay due attention to the power of feelings.

*DMU Campus Map:*

Dr Alissa Clarke
Senior Lecturer in Drama Studies

De Montfort University
Clephan, 2.18
The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

0116 2078953 / (a.clarke /at/ <>
Learning support and feedback sessions:
Wednesday 12 - 1pm and Thursday 3.30 - 4.30pm.
Please email to book an appointment.
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