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[ecrea] Latin American Media & Changing Cities: Power, Inequality & Representation

Fri Jun 08 11:00:18 GMT 2018

Please see below a one day symposium on Latin American Media and Changing Cities at Loughborough University (London campus) organised by my colleague, Dr Patria Roman.

Loughborough University’s Institute for Media & Creative Industries and the Institute for Advanced Studies are organising a seminar on ‘Latin American Media & Changing Cities: Power, Inequality & Representation’ on 20th June 2018 from 14:00-17:00 (description below). Please note that the seminar will be held in the London campus. You are all welcome to attend. The event is free with refreshments provided, but please book your place in advance (via this link for catering purposes.

The purpose of this workshop on urban inequalities and media spaces is to challenge the geographical and media centric focus currently dominating most urban communication research, whereby the relationship between communication, media and places is mostly approached in terms of representation rather than as experiences that are politically charged. Our first speaker Jessica Retis will be talking about changing media production landscapes in global cities and the latinization of US media. Whilst Alejandra Garcia Vargas asks: What does it mean to be placed at the margins, both physically and emotionally? What is the relationship between borders, migration, periphery, and senses of the city in a highly deterritorialised and politicised media and social experience? Finally, our third speaker, Patria Roman-Velazquez looks at expressions of Latin Urbanism under contexts of regeneration as a strategic tool for opposing and reshaping urban spaces in London. Drawing a range of theoretical frameworks in a long tradition of Latin American urban communication research the speakers will address these questions from a dialogic and intersectional perspective.

Latin American spaces are not confined to the geographical boundaries that define the geo-political region. The construction of Latin American diasporic spaces is equally important for us in this dialogue across Latin American cities. It is a personal and political position that we as academics based across three very different geo-political territories (London, UK; Los Angeles, USA; and Jujuy, ARGENTINA) have had to confront on a daily basis. The contexts of our work, from the metropolitan experiences of diasporic cities to the peripheral cities in Latin America, have allowed us to bring different perspectives to the study of urban communication research in the global north and vice versa.


Dr. Jessica Retis (California State University Northridge, USA) - Mapping Latino media in U.S. global cities: rethinking immigration and mobility in times of crisis Jessica Retis is an Associate Professor of Journalism and communications at California State University Northridge. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Communications from Universidad de Lima, Peru; a Masters in Latin American Studies from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; and a Ph.D. in Contemporary Latin America from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. Her research interests include international migration, diasporas and the media; ethnic media in global cities; political economy of media and information; U.S. Latino and Latin American cultural industries; Latinos and the media in North America (USA), Europe  (Spain and UK) and Asia (Japan). Her work has been published in several academic publications in Latin America, Europe and North America. She is the co-editor of The Handbook of Diaspora, Media and Culture (forthcoming).

Dr. Alejandra García Vargas (Universidad Nacional de Jujuy & Universidad Nacional de Salta, ARGENTINA) - City Senses: Space, Power and Inequalities in Jujuy`s Audio-Visual Narratives (2011-2015) Alejandra Garcia Vargas holds a PhD from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina). She is Professor of Communication, Culture and Society at Universidad Nacional de Jujuy and Universidad Nacional de Salta and Co-Director of The Centre for Social Equality Development Studies (CESDE, FCE, UNJu / CLACSO). Currently she is directing the research project: “Intersecciones, dinámicas y fragmentos: figuras del espacio noroestino. Configuraciones culturales, desigualdad y poder en procesos comunicacionales contemporáneos”, and Co-Investigator for the research project: “Políticas de Comunicación y Cultura. Un estudio desde la relación entre Estado, poder y medios”. She is the author of numerous publications in the area of Sociology of Communication with particular focus on power, inequality and difference in the production of social space in the North East of Argentina.

Dr. Patria Roman-Velazquez (Loughborough University, UK): Latin Urbanism in London: The identity politics of reshaping urban spaces and contesting gentrification Patria Roman-Velazquez Senior Lecturer in Media and Creative Industries at Loughborough University. Patria specialises in sociology and communication and has an interest in urban communication, migrant and ethnic economies and urban regeneration. Her research is framed around theories of globalisation, cities, place and identity mainly through ethnographic research with Latin Americans in London. Her current research interrogates the impact of urban regeneration and urban planning policy frameworks for London's migrant and ethnic economies. Patria is the author of the book The Making of Latin London: Salsa Music, Place and Identity (1999), and has published articles in a number of journals and edited collections.

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