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[ecrea] Instagram Conference 2018: Registration and programme

Tue May 29 08:33:58 GMT 2018

Final update for the Instagram Conference 2018, Middlesex University London - 1 June 2018

Registration + Programme

Dear all,

The Instagram Conference 2018: Studying Instagram Beyond Selfies  will be hosted by Middlesex University London on Friday the 1st of June.

More information about the programme can be found below and at:

Registration to the event can be accessed at:

Organiser details:

Dr Alessandro Caliandro
Lecturer in Branding and Digital Media
Module Leader for Research Techniques and Approaches and Research Methods

Middlesex University
Faculty of Arts & Creative Industries


Short Programme

8.30-9.00 	Registration and Welcome Coffee 	Lecture Theatre
9.00-10.00 Plenary Session with Crystal Abidin (Jönköping University): Tap that, Hack that, Map that: Economies, Cultures, and Materialites of Instagram
10.00-11.30 	Parallel Session I > Sessions: 7, 13, 5, 12
11.30-11.45 	Coffee Break 	College Building
11.45-13.00 	Parallel Session II > Sessions: 3, 1, 10
13.00-14.00 	Lunch
14.00-15.00 Plenary Session with Richard Rogers: Otherwise engaged: Social Media from vanity metrics to critical analytics (University of Amsterdam)
15.00-16.30 	Parallel Session III > Sessions: 2, 11, 6
16.30-16.45 	Coffee Break
16.45-18.00 	Parallel Session IV
18.00-18.30 Conclusion. Debating with Adam Arvidsson: Branded Moments on Instagram (University of Naples)


Session 1. #instapopulations: Diaspora, Marginalization & Migrants
Time and Place: 11.45-13.00, Room: CG41
Chair: James Graham, Middlesex University London

Ana Garner (City University of Hong Kong): Narratives from abroad: the construction and performance of the self on Instagram Maitrayee Basu (Middlesex University London) Kyun Photo Le Rahe Ho? (Why are you taking a photo?)”: Instagramming the Indian Marginalised Neema Githere (Yale University): Time-Traveling Desire and Reservoir Knowledge’ in the #DigitalDiaspora: the Healing Aesthetics of Afropresentism on Instagram

Session 2. #instapolitics: Politics and the Politics of the Platform
Time and Place: 15.00-16.30, Room: C114
Chair: Chamil Rathnayake, University of Strathclyde

Terry L. Towner (Oakland University) & Caroline Lego Muñoz (University of North Georgia): Instagramming Issues: Agenda Setting during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign Tim Highfield (University of Amsterdam): Insta-timelessness: The algorithmic now, then, and when on Instagram John D. Boy & Justus Uitemark (University of Amsterdam): Everyday life in an Instagram World: Status, Space and Social Media in Amsterdam Janna Joceli Omena (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), André Mintz (Federal University of Minas Gerais) & Elaine Teixeira Rabello (State University of Rio de Janeiro): Hashtags are not the whole message: Approaching Hashtag Engagement Research

Session 3. #instabrands: Brands, Branding & Self-branding
Time and Place: 11.45-13.00, Room: C114
Chair: Alessandro Gandini, King’s College London

Stephanie Kogler & Philipp K. Wegerer (University of Innsbruck): Creating Brand Reputation: How Employees Express Their Brand in Social Media Networks Loes van Driel (Erasmus University Rotterdam): Selling brands while staying ‘authentic’: The manufactured authenticity of Instagram influencers Stephanie Kogler & Jonathan D.Schöps (University of Innsbruck): (De-)stabilizing the digitized fashion market on Instagram – dynamics of visual performative assemblages

Session 4: #instajournalism: Journalism & Photojournalism
Time and Place: 16.45-18.00, Room: C114
Chair: Maja Simunjak, Middlesex University London

Georgeta Drula (University of Bucharest): Instagram as platform to capitalize the photo-journalists’ or freelancers’ work Sini Kaipainen (Aalto University, Helsinki): Identity manifestations of photojournalist in the age of visual social media: How Linsey Addario uses intimate public sphere of Instagram Guido Anselmi, Sergio Splendore & Marta Chiesi (University of Milano): Instagram and journalism: expanding journalistic boundaries but eroding national journalistic cultures

Session 5. #instaconsumption: Identity & Consumption
Time and Place: 10.00-11.30, Room: CG51
Chair: Philipp K. Wegerer, University of Innsbruck

Nicola Bozzi (University of Salford, Manchester): #solotravelers and #digitalnomads: a cultural critique of the traveling entrepreneur on Instagram Alessandro Gandini (King’s College London): Influencers, the digital ‘leisure class’ Konstantinos Theodoridis (Manchester Metropolitan University): There is no crisis on Instagram’: Negotiating young people’s identities in an age of uncertainty Jonathan D.Schöps (University of Innsbruck): Consuming Commodified Selves – Accelerated Identity Co-Construction Dynamics Through Fashion Performances on Instagram

Session 6. #instaimaginaries: Memory, Imaginary & Arts
Time and Place: 15.00-16.30 , Room: CG51
Chair: Irida Ntalla, Middlesex University London

Giovanna Casimiro (University of São Paulo) & Tatiana Tosi (The Getulio Vargas Foundation): Museum of the Others – the self-heritage Sandra Camacho (University of Lisbon): Daniel Blaufuks’s Attempting Exhaustion, or sharing a window on Instagram Bruna Angélica Pelicioli Riboldi (University of Minho): More than words: Instagram as a technology of the urban imaginary Karen Cross (University of Roehampton): Artistic reproduction, the revival of time and the liveness of social images

Session 7. #instabodies: Body, Stigma & Surveillance
Time and Place: 10.00-11.30 , Room: C114
Chair: Mari Lehto, University of Turku

Herminder Kaur (Middlesex University London): Struggles to Overcome Bodily Stigma on Social Networking Sites Louise Ryan (University of Limerick): Constantly varied dysfunctional fitness: exploring the hyper reality of ‘Insta-famous’ CrossFit athletes Rachael Kent (King’s College London): Instagram: Surveillance and Representation of the Moral ‘Healthy’ Body Lucia Bainotti (University of Turin): The #bodypositivity movement: Disclosure, Empowerment and Subversion?

Session 8. #instamethods: Methods & Techniques
Time and Place: 16.45-18.00, Room: CG41
Chair: Alessandro Caliandro, Middlesex University London

Alexandra Boutopoulou (University of Sheffield), Farida Vis (Manchester School of Art) & Hannah Guy (University of Sheffield): An innovative approach for studying single Instagram accounts over time (and moving beyond API roadblocks) Chamil Rathnayake (University of Strathclyde), Irida Ntalla (Middlesex University London) & Alejandro Abraham Hamanoiel Rodriguz (Middlesex University London): Sociotechnical enactment of visual complexity: An automated image analysis perspective on Instagram hashtags Gemma San Cornelio, Antoni Roig & Elisenda Ardèvol (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya): Methodological challenges in data analysis and visualisation: notes on mixed methods research on Instagram

Session 9. #instastories: Narratives, Stories & Intimacy
Time and Place: 16.45-18.00, Room: CG51
Chair: James Graham, Middlesex University London

Ally McCrow-Young (University of Copenhagen) Food pics, dogs and domesticity: The chaotic mundanity of trauma on Instagram following the 2017 Manchester Arena attack Ludmila Lupinacci Amaral (London School of Economics and Political Science): Liveness beyond Live video: Immediacy and presence on Instagram Stories

Session 10. #instabody: Body, Femininity & Sexuality
Time and Place: 11.45-13.00, Room: CG51
Chair: Herminder Kaur, Middlesex University London

Sofia P. Caldeira, Sander De Ridder & Sofie Van Bauwel (Ghent University): Between the banal and the political: a qualitative textual analysis of women’s photographic self-representation on Instagram Mari Lehto (University of Turku): Hashtag Lactivism: A Conflict Over Public Breastfeeding on Instagram Jenna Drenten (Loyola University Chicago), Lauren Gurrieri (RMIT University) & Meagan Tyler (RMIT University): Instagram Prosumers and the Rise of a Hashtaggable Porn Chic Aesthetic

Session 11. #instamethods: Ethnography
Time and Place: 15.00-16.30, Room: CG41
Chair: Alessandro Caliandro, Middlesex University London

Pilar Lacasa (The University of Alcalá), Julián de la Fuente (European University, Madrid and the University of Alcalá), Sara Cortés (University of Alcalá) & Rut Martiìnez-Borda (University of Alcalá): Teenager fans practices on Instagram. Methodological challenges for digital ethnographers
Elisa Serafinelli (University of Sheffield): Networked Memories on Instagram
Lauren Milor (University of Leeds): Using online and offline ethnographic practices to (re)consider the embodied Instagram user Tauheed Ramjaun (Bournemouth University): How can we better understand the #zerowaste lifestyle trend through Instagram?

Session 12. #instaresearch: Ethics, Identity & Power (Virtual Session with Australian Scholars)
Time and Place: 10.00-11.30, Room: HG19
Chair: Tim Highfield, University of Amsterdam

Kyle Budge (Western Sidney University): Ethics, Identity & Agency-related Matters Lachlan MacDowall (University of Melbourne): Researching Graffiti on Instagram
Adam Suess (Griffith University): Ethics in Instagram Research
Nicholas Carah (The University of Queensland): Algorithmic Brands

Session 13. #instaopen: Mixed Session
Time and Place: 10.00-11.30, Room: CG41
Chair: Alejandro Abraham Hamanoiel Rodriguz, Middlesex University London

Hela Hassen (University of Leicester): Social exchanges in digital media
Jussara Rowland & Rita Correia (Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa): Involved fatherhood on Instagram: an exploratory qualitative analysis of visual discourses of Instadads Tianyang Zhou & Han Tao (University of Sussex): ‘Making’ Chinese Gay Internet Celebrity: On and Beyond Instagram

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