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[ecrea] Deletion Episode 14: Punking Speculative Fiction

Tue May 29 07:41:19 GMT 2018

*Punking Speculative Fiction*

Special Issue of /Deletion/

Edited by Sean Guynes-Vishniac




Introduction: Sean Guynes-Vishniac, “On Punking Speculative Fiction”

1. Andréa Gilroy, “Cyberpunk Horrors: Neoliberal Capitalism and Global Sprawl in Otomo’s Manga”

2. Patrick Whitmarsh, “/Neuromancer/ to Neuropunk: Science Fiction’s Disenchantment of the Mind”

3. Ashley Gordon, “Blinded by the Light: Neuropunk, Nihilism, and the ‘Blind Brain’ in R. Scott Bakker’s /NeuroPath/”

4. Lars Schmeink, “The Utopian Potential of Biopunk”

5. Brian Willems, “Punked Objects: Salvagepunk in /Perdido Street Station/ and /Crumbs/”

6. Megen De Bruin-Molé, “‘I had no idea dragons were so well mannered’: Politeness Gets Political in Mannerpunk”

7. Marleen S. Barr, “Trumppunk Resists Presidential Bunk; Or, Updating Obscuring Mirrorshades with Revelatory Magnifying Glasses Enhances Seeing the Forces of Normalcy”

8. Anelise Farris, “Young, Punk, and Disabled: New Worlds for Marginalized Bodies”

9. Anna McFarlane, “Could the Climate Crisis Spell the End for the ‘Punk’ in ‘Cyberpunk’?”

/Deletion/is produced by the Science and Fiction research group at Deakin University. For enquiries, to submit papers and special edition proposals, please contact Sean Redmond: (s.redmond /at/ <mailto:(s.redmond /at/>

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