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[ecrea] Call for Chapter Contributions to New Volume on Media, Culture and Technology in Africa and the Caribbean

Mon May 28 20:48:32 GMT 2018

Chapter contributions are being invited for a new edited volume provisionally titled:


*'Media, Culture and Technology in the Global South: *

*Re-imagining Communication and Identity in Africa and the Caribbean'.*


The**volume editors are Professor Hopeton Dunn of The University of the West Indies, Professor Dumisani Moyo of University of Johannesburg, Dr William Lesitaokana of University of Botswana and Dr Shanade Barnabas, University of Johannesburg.



Despite more than a half a century into political independence, most African and Caribbean countries still face daunting realities about the future of their societies, including economic survival, technological change, issues of identity, language, cultural retentions, new media practices, and the social impact of emerging knowledge networks.​
Global technologies have emerged to challenge these societies and complement traditional media and established cultural production systems, in an era now described as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Technologies such as the internet of things, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms, block chain and the smart mobile applications have emerged to disrupt, or as some may argue, to reinforce the global status quo and create new challenges or opportunities for the Global South. Indigenous technologies and practices have often remained side-lined or untapped in some contexts, while many users gravitate to the latest innovations from the North.

Many of the attendant cultural processes and overarching technologies have not been adequately analysed, researched and documented. The ongoing impacts of a digital eco-system, neural networks and AI on the culture, language, lifestyles, human rights, governance systems, intellectual property, ethical norms and civic responsibilities in Africa and the Caribbean remain in urgent need of interdisciplinary study and renewed critical analysis.

            How are cultures in these varied countries being impacted by such developments? How can public communication be re-imagined in this constantly changing global context? Can indigenous innovation and cultural interaction be stimulated to generate more local content for popular consumption? And can the Global South enhance its cultural influence and information counterflow and not simply become mere markets of the industrialised North?

The book will be a contribution to addressing these gaps. Original work by authors can focus within single regions or countries and need not simultaneously cover both Africa and the Caribbean, although cross regional analyses are also invited.



Among the subjects for consideration as chapters are the following indicative topics:

·       Media Histories in the Context of Political and Technological Change

·       Theorizing Media, Communications and Technology from the South

·       Communication, Resistance and Political Change

·       Culture, Identity and Society

·       Decolonization of Media and Communications Services

·       Economic Reform, Empowerment and Change in Africa and the Caribbean

·       Communications and Indigenous Cultures

·       Diversity in Communications and Cultural Policy: Gender, Race, Class, Ethnicity

·       Ethnographies of News-gathering and Dissemination

·       Small States, Technology and Economic Development

·       Media and Disability, Media and Children, Media and Diaspora

·       Alterative Media in Repressive Environments

·       Community Media, Development and Democracy

·       Public Relations, IMC and Strategic Communication in the South

·       Media, Music and Culture in the Caribbean and Africa

·       Broadcasting Regulations and Policy Reforms in the South

·       Social Media, Mobile Technologies, Youth and Instant Access

·       Game Technology, Animation and New Creatives

·       Ethics for Media and Technology in a Changing Environment

·       New Legal Challenges to Freedom of Expression

·       Popular Culture, Media and the Internet

·       Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and the Future

·       Blockchain, Digital Assets and Electronic Transactions: Impacts in the South

·       Cyber Security, Data Protection and Digital Right in Developing Countries

·       Internet of Things, Internet of People

·       Network Neutrality: Power and New Challenges to Internet Access


Chapter contributions can be made from a wide range of conceptual and philosophical approaches. However, each chapter must be soundly based in the critical tradition and with theoretical underpinnings of the area under treatment. The submission of newly completed empirical work is especially encouraged, bringing fresh research-based insights to topics under consideration.

*Submission Timelines:*

Chapter abstracts of 300 words as expressions of interest should be submitted to:

Hopeton Dunn at (hopetondunn /at/ <mailto:(hopetondunn /at/> and copied to (dumisanim /at/ <mailto:(dumisanim /at/>_, (_lesitaokana /at/ <mailto:(lesitaokana /at/>_ and (__sbbarnabas /at/ <mailto:(sbbarnabas /at/> __by *June*_* 30, 2018. *Authors of selected abstracts will be notified within a month of their expressions of interest. Selected chapters must be 5,000 to 6,000 words, in APA style. Completed chapters should be submitted to the editors by *October 31, 2018.*

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