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[ecrea] ISOJ CFP for Digital Media and Democracy in the Americas

Thu May 24 16:30:47 GMT 2018

CALL FOR PAPERS for #ISOJ Journal 2019

*‘Digital Media and Democracy in the Americas’*

*Guest Editors:*

*Pablo J. Boczkowski, Professor, Northwestern University (USA)*

*Eugenia Mitchelstein, Assistant Professor, Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina)*

*Deadline for extended abstracts: August 15, 2018*

*Submission details: <>*

Media play fundamental roles in democratic societies: they inform the public, help set common agendas for politicians and voters, provide a forum for the expression of different viewpoints in civil society, and act as watchdogs by holding powerful actors accountable for their actions. The capacity of the news media to fulfill these roles varies by social and historical contexts, due to either internal or external factors, or a combination of both.

During the last two decades, the relationship between media and democracy has been tested in several countries across the Americas. Tension between presidents and other elected officials and journalists have both challenged the role of reporters and made they daily job more complicated by reducing access to the politicians they cover. In other cases, the ownership structure and market dominance of media businesses have made them vulnerable to criticism. Moreover, technological innovations have called into question journalism's role as mediator between different groups of the population--such as political leaders and voters, sports stars and fans, and advertisers and consumers--and threatened their financial sustainability in the long term. In addition, the emergence and growth of social media have both challenged the dominance of established news operations in the information ecosystem, and also opened new opportunities for political parties, civil society, and social movements to get their message across without the news media’s intermediary role.

But these challenges to media have not altered the need for independent reporting that provides information on affairs of the polity, represents the full spectrum of public opinion, and holds those in power accountable. How have the news media performed their democratic duties in the Americas? Have journalistic practices changed in response to technological innovations and political challenges? How have journalists viewed their professional roles in this new environment? What regulations have encouraged or hindered independent reporting?Have viable alternatives to traditional revenue models emerged? Has the use of social media by social movements and political figures affected the jurisdictional power of the news media and, if so, how have the latter dealt with this change?

#ISOJ Journal, the official research publication of the International Symposium on Online Journalism (, is seeking extended abstracts (up to 1,000 words) for a special issue on this topic, to be published in conjunction with the next ISOJ symposium in April 2019.A subset of the authors of selected extended abstracts will be asked to send full manuscripts.All submitted manuscripts will undergo a blind review process, and the authors of those articles selected for publication also will be invited to present their work at the symposium. Empirical work, either quantitative or qualitative (or both), historical or contemporary (or both), is encouraged. Non-empirical work that contributes substantively to our understanding of the relationship between media and democracy in the Americas is also welcome. Both comparative and single-country studies are suitable. Research about digital media, in line with the call of the special issue is particularly desired. Finally, inquiries situated within a wide spectrum of disciplines—including, but not limited to, journalism studies, communication and media studies, political science, sociology, anthropology, and international relations—are welcome.

The issue will be guest edited by Pablo Boczkowski, Professor at Northwestern University and co-director of the Center for the Study of Media and Society in Argentina (MESO), and Eugenia Mitchelstein, Assistant Professor at Universidad de San Andrés and also co-director of MESO.

*Notices to selected extended abstracts will be sent by September 7, 2018. Full papers are expected by October 22, 2018.*

*Inquiries about this call may be directed to both Pablo Boczkowski (**(pjb9 /at/* <mailto:(pjb9 /at/>*) or to Eugenia Mitchelstein ((emitchelstein /at/ <mailto:(emitchelstein /at/>) and should contain the words*
*‘ISOJ Query’ in the subject line.*

*Extended abstracts/full papers should be emailed to ISOJ research chair Amy Schmitz Weiss at*
*(aschmitz /at/ <mailto:(aschmitz /at/>.*

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