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[ecrea] Ada Issue 13: Feminist Speculative Storytelling: Re-imagining Technology and Hacking

Thu May 24 16:30:18 GMT 2018

We are pleased to announce our Special Issue
<> of /Ada: A
Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology/ titled “Radical Feminist
Storytelling and Speculative Fiction: Creating New Worlds by
Re-imagining Hacking”.

All the best,

Sophie and SpiderAlex

*Ada, Issue 13: Table of Contents*

Introduction: Radical Feminist Storytelling and Speculative Fiction:
Creating new worlds by re-imagining hacking

By Sophie Toupin & Spideralex

Aurat Raj: Hacking Masculinity & Reimagining Gender in South Asian
Cinema <>

By Shehram Mokhtar


Beyond the Blackbox: Repurposing ROM Hacking for Feminist Hacking/Making
Practices <>

By Jaime Lee Kirtz


Cuerpoclickbait <>

By Josue Chavez


Exploiting a Dystopic Future to Unsettle Our Present-Day Thinking About
Sexual Violence Prevention <>

By Rena Bivens


h0rd14r13z <>



Ultrasonic dreams of aclinical renderings

By Possible Bodies


Suturar los espejos rotos de lo imposible (Sutured Broken Mirrors of the
Impossible) <>

By Lucía Egaña Rojas


The Weavers and Their Information Webs: Steganography in the Textile
Arts <>

By Susan Kuchera


Feminist Hackerspace as a Place of Infrastructure Production

By Selena Savic and Stefanie Wuschitz

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