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[ecrea] New book - Handbook of State Aid for Film

Thu May 17 20:28:17 GMT 2018

* Handbook of State Aid for Film. Finance, Industries and Regulation***

by Paul Clemens Murschetz, Roland Teichmann, and Matthias Karmasin

Springer International Publishing | April 2018

Hardcover ISBN 978-3-319-71714-2		
eBook ISBN 978-3-319-71716-6

We are delighted to announce our new Handbook of "State Aid for Film. Finance, Industries and Regulation" is now published by Springer International Publishing.


The media world is undergoing a fundamental transformation in which companies and users are shaping new digital business models. In this process of change, innovation in processes as well as a solid grasp of market developments, potentials and international standards of comparison are crucial. State aid for film is a contested terrain, stricken with many challenges and threats to industry, filmmakers and government administration. However, it remains a pivotal tool for cultural diversity in the field of film media and other audio-visual services. This chapter provides a synoptic overview of key issues covered in the book.

This handbook provides a comprehensive analysis of today's film industry and its global challenges, analyses public funding schemes for different national film industries, presents a reference framework to evaluate public funding schemes about goals, finance instruments, governance structures, and efficacies, and elaborates whether public funding is an effective tool for safeguarding the European film industry. This book is a comprehensive analysis of the specificities of public film funding on an international scale. It shows how public funding schemes add value to film-making and other audio-visual productions and provides a comprehensive analysis of today's global challenges in the film industry such as industry change, digital transformation, and shifting audience tastes. Based on insights from fields such as cultural economics, media economics, media management and media governance studies, the authors illustrate how public spending shapes the financial fitness of national and international film industries. This highly informative book will help both scholars and practitioners in the film industry to understand the complexity of issues and the requirements necessary to preserve the social benefits of film as an important cultural good.

This has been a collaborative effort, inadequately accounted for by the editors' names on the cover. We would particularly like to thank all contributors, colleagues and inspirators all over the world. These were in particular: Amy Aughinbaugh, Frederick Baker, Udo Bomnüter, Olivier Braet, David N. Brennan, Christophe Bruneel, Oliver Castendyk, Alan Collins, Marco Cucco, Gloria Dagnino, Kristen M. Daly, Sophie de Vink, Olivier Debande, Tamara Falicov, Victor Maria Fernandez-Blanco, Natàlia Ferrer-Roca, Delia Ferri, Roderik Flynn, Mike Friedrichsen, Kathleen B. Gallagher, Terje Gaustad, Ricard Gil, Avshalom Ginosar, Jean-Louis Guy, Dominique Haughton, Sven-Ove Horst, Alexander Horwath, Martin Kanzler, Matthias Karmasin, Anna Koblitz, Olga Kolokytha, Nicolas Lemercier, Mark-David McLaughlin, Jordi McKenzie, Gianpietro Meldoni, Kevin Mentzer, Patrick Messerlin, Birgit Moldaschl, Paul Clemens Murschetz, Susan Newman-Baudais, Jack Newsinger, Dimitri Paolini, Jimmyn Parc, Caroline Pauwels, Manuela Pulina, Tim Raats, Francine Hetherington Raveney, S. Abraham (Avri) Ravid, Craig Rossiter, Katherine Sarikakis, John Sedgwick, Ilse Schooneknaep, Sander Spek, Julio Talavera, Roland Teichmann, Emanuele Teti, Angelika Teuschl, Isabelle Vanderschelden, Quentin Vialle, Zeyu Zhang, Zannie Voss, and Changan Zhang.

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