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[ecrea] New Book: Against Transmission

Fri May 11 10:38:30 GMT 2018

This post is to promote my new book /Against Transmission: Media Philosophy and the Engineering of Time, /which some people might like to purchase for their libraries. Here's the blurb:


/Against Transmission/explores the relationship between time and the operability of media systems. It looks to the time-based problems solved by media inventors and engineers, particularly focussing on transduction as a key media philosophical theme, and makes an argument for the continued cultural effects of these events. Using examples from early television, chronophotography, the development of electronic computers and media art, it argues that cultural techniques of signal processing have been developed that now generate new temporal systems quite different from conventional historical time. It argues that these new temporal systems may be seen as characteristic of what has been referred to as the conditions for contemporaneity.

Here’s a link to the book on Bloomsbury’s website:<> <>transmission-9781474293099/ <><>

Here is a link to a preview of the book: <>

And here are some nice things that Thomas Sutherland and Mark Coeckelbergh have said about the book:

“Impressive in both its historical breath and theoretical depth, /Against Transmission/

 offers a plausible and compelling defence of historical and philosophical studies of media. Challenging received wisdoms regarding our relationship to time, Barker foregrounds the temporal heterogeneity and multiplicity of contemporary media culture, emphasizing the mutual implication of mediation and time in the construction of contemporaneity.”

*Thomas Sutherland*, Lecturer in Media Studies, University of Lincoln, UK

“Drawing on media philosophy but also revealing and interpreting the technical ontologies of media such as database and electronic television next to artworks and events, Barker masterly and convincingly shows how the measurement and storage media of our time are not simply transmission devices but produce new temporal systems... /Against Transmission/

 makes an original and valuable contribution to thinking about media and technologies and is a must read for students and scholars interested in the phenomenology of new media, in philosophy of technology, in digital humanities, and indeed in better understanding our being-with-time today.”

*Mark Coeckelbergh*, Professor of Technology and Social Responsibility, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

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