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[ecrea] New Book: History of Digital Media. An Intermedia and Global Perspective

Thu May 10 18:00:15 GMT 2018

New Book “History of Digital Media. An Intermedia and Global Perspective”

Happy to announce that a new book entitled “History of Digital Media. An Intermedia and Global Perspective” has just been published by Routledge. Written by Gabriele Balbi (USI Università della Svizzera italiana) and Paolo Magaudda (University of Padua), this book offers students and scholars an accessible introduction to the history of digital media with a specific focus on the histories of the computer, the Internet, the mobile phone and the digitization of analog media. Taking a historical, intermedia, and global approach, “History of Digital Media” aims to provide an overview of the intertwined political, business, social and cultural changes and continuities in the development of digital media from the 19th century to nowadays. Discussion questions, a timeline, and previously unpublished tables and maps are included to guide readers as they learn to contextualize and critically analyze the digital technologies we use every day.

The table of content is the following:

Introduction 1 Why Study the History of Digital Media and How?
1.1 Contextualizing Digital in Contemporary Societies
1.2 Theoretical Paths 1.3 A Few of the Benefits of a Digital Media History
2 The Computer
2.1 The “Mother” of All Digital Devices
2.2 The Mechanical Computer Age and the Social Need for Calculation
2.3 The Mainframe Age 2.4 The Personal Computer Age 2.5 The Post-PC Age

3 The Internet
3.1 What We Mean by the Internet
3.2 The Military Influence
3.3 The Academic Influence
3.4 The Counter-cultural Influence
3.5 The Public Service Influence
3.6 The Commercial Influence
3.7 The Social Influence
3.8 Re-reading the Internet in Historical Perspective

4 The Mobile Phone 4.1 The Origins of the Mobile Phone
4.2 Digital Rebirth and Growing up 4.3 GSM: The European Digital-Bureaucratic Miracle 4.4 A Concise History of SMS 4.5 A New Paradigm: 3G, Smartphones and Mobile Internet 4.6 The Global Mobile Phone Fever
4.7 Sociocultural Implications of Mobile Connectivity
5 The Digitization of Analog Media 5.1 Intermediality and the Digital Media Pattern
5.2 Music 5.3 Publishing: Books and Newsmaking
5.4 Cinema and Video
5.5 Photography
5.6 Television 5.7 Radio
5.8 Digitization and the Interweaving of Different Media

Conclusion: Myths and Counter-hegemonic Narratives in Digital Media History
Appendix: Statistical and Quantitative Data
Acronyms References Index

For more information, please have a look at the following link:

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