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[ecrea] New paperback: Race and Contention in Twenty-first Century U.S. Media

Thu May 03 06:34:09 GMT 2018

Now in paperback: Race and Contention in Twenty-first Century U.S. Media

An edited volume by Jason A. Smith and Bhoomi K. Thakore is now available in paperback from Routledge - a volume in the 'Transformations in Race and Media' series.

Race and Contention in Twenty-first Century U.S. Media (Routledge, 2016)

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This volume explores and clarifies the complex intersection of race and media in the contemporary United States. Due to the changing dynamics of how racial politics are played out in the contemporary US (as seen with debates of the "post-racial" society), as well as the changing dynamics of the media itself ("new vs. old" media debates), an interrogation of the role of the media and its various institutions within this area of social inquiry is necessary. Contributors contend that race in the United States is dynamic, connected to social, economic, and political structures which are continually altering themselves. The book seeks to highlight the contested space that the media provides for changing dimensions of race, examining the ways that various representations can both hinder or promote positive racial views, considering media in relation to other institutions, and moving beyond thinking of media as a passive and singular institution.


A 2016 Bloomberg article, “Calling All Sociologists: America Needs You,” solicited sociologists to address America’s social dysfunctions in the public sphere. This collection of essays assembled by Smith and Thakore answers the call by mapping out how popular media perpetuates and resists racism in society. With the rise of “fake news” and the U.S. president using Twitter as his major mode of communication, sociologists cannot afford to ignore the role of media in transmitting racist ideology.
- Contemporary Sociology (2017)

The editors and authors of Race and Contention in Twenty-First Century U.S. Media have made an insightful and timely contribution to race and media studies literature. This volume makes clear how colour-blind racism operates in diverse media contexts, from institutions to individuals, particularly people of colour who attempt to navigate these structures. The text also gives scholars as well as instructors specific instances of how race and racism continue to manifest in contemporary U.S. media.
- Howard Journal of Communications (2018)

*Table of Contents

Introduction: The Contours of Race and Media - Jason A. Smith and Bhoomi K. Thakore

Part 1: Structures and Contention

1. Failure to Communicate: The Critical Information Needs Debate - Randy D. Abreu

2. Courting Minority Commodity Audiences: Bounce TV in the Age of Media Conglomeration - Leah P. Hunter and Jennifer M. Proffitt

3. New Media & New Possibilities: The Online Engagement of Young Black Activists Nathan Jamel Riemer

Part 2: Navigating Contention Behind the Scenes

4. Black, Asian, and Latino Directors in Hollywood - Maryann Erigha

5. Is Carlos Mencia A White Wetback?: Mediating the (E)Racing of U.S. Central Americans in the Latino Imaginary - Maritza Cárdenas

6. Sofía Vergara: On Media Representations of Latinidad - Salvador Vidal-Ortiz

7. Color-Blind Racism in Media: Mindy Kaling as an "Honorary White" - Sheena Sood

Part 3: Visual Representations of Contention

8. Drifting For Whiteness: Hollywood Representations of Asian Americans in the 21st Century - John D. Foster

9. Consuming Black Pain: Reading Racial Ideology in Cultural Appetite for 12 Years a Slave - Jennifer C. Mueller and Rula Issa

10. Racial Ideology in Electronic Dance Music Festival Promotional Videos - David L. Brunsma, Nathaniel G. Chapman, and J. Slade Lellock

Part 4: Perpetuating Contentious Ideologies

11. The Rise of the Racial Reviewer, 1990-2004 - Bianca Gonzalez-Sobrino, Devon R. Goss, and Matthew W. Hughey

12. Successful Immigrants in the News: Racialization, Color-Blind Racism, and the American Dream - Jorge X. Ballinas

13. Black Studies in Prime Time: Racial Expertise and the Framing of Cultural Authority - Seneca Vaught

14. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Muslim: Media Representations of ‘Islamic Punk’ through a Postcolonial Lens - Saif Shahin

Conclusion: Looking Ahead - Bhoomi K. Thakore and Jason A. Smith

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