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[ecrea] Orienting Feminism: Media, Activism and Cultural Representation - new book

Mon Apr 30 22:04:09 GMT 2018

Catherine Dale (Chuo University, Japan) and Overell, Rosemary have just published an edited collection /Orienting Feminism: Media, Activism and Cultural Representation/ – ready for purchase for your uni library and download now ! Lots of early career researchers and postgrad work on the intersecting dynamics of feminist media and cultural representations.

*The blurb:*

This edited collection explores the meaning of feminism in the contemporary moment, which is constituted primarily by action but also uncertainty. The book focuses on feminist modes of activism, as well as media and cultural representation to ask questions about organising, representing and articulating feminist politics. In particular it tackles the intersections between media technologies and gendered identities, with contributions that cover topics such as twerking, trigger warnings, and trans identities. This volume directly addresses topical issues in feminism and is a valuable asset to scholars of gender, media and sexuality studies.

*The contents:*

·  Introduction: Orienting Feminism: Media, Activism, and Cultural Representation

Dale, Catherine and Overell, Rosemary

·  “They’re So Normal I Can’t Stand It”: I Am Jazz, I Am Cait, Transnormativity, and Trans Feminism

McIntyre, Joanna

·  My Little Pony, Communalism and Feminist Politics

Fletcher, Kevin

·  Designer Pussy: The Role of Graphic Design as an Arbiter of Gender Representation

Paterson, Leigh

·  Fighting Back on Feminist Terms: Empowerment Through Self-Defence Training in Neoliberal Times

Murphy, Bell A.

  * SlutWalk Melbourne: Negotiating Feminisms and Organising Activists

Gleeson, Jessamy

  * Surfing the Fourth Wave of the Feminist Movement Via SNS

Ray, Paula

  * Sappho in Cyberspace: Power Struggles and Reorienting Feminisms

Hodge, Siobhan

  * Safe for Work: Feminist Porn, Corporate Regulation and Community

Stardust, Zahra

  * The Proliferation of Consent-Focused Rape Prevention Social
    Marketing Materials

Beres, Melanie Ann

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