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[ecrea] Cultura y Educación: Digital Literacy, Fake News and Education

Tue Apr 24 18:51:33 GMT 2018

*CALL FOR ARTICLES: /Cultura y Educación/**: _Digital Literacy, Fake News and Education_*

The 2017 COST report on Digital Literacy and Education addressed, across Europe, a set of fundamental questions:

/A revolution is going on at the very moment you read these words and you are repeatedly participating in it every time you log in. As with every revolution, the digital one started from a passion, a vision, an urgency to spread, and the promise of qualitative changes to come. One such change was the recent declaration of the United Nations (2016) on considering internet access a basic human right. How spread is this right across Europe? Is it the case that the digital is fundamentally changing literacy? What is the landscape of digital literacy and education interactions across European countries? What challenges does digital literacy pose to education in Europe?/ (Brites, 2017 <>).

Since the report was published, the issue of fake news has been high on the agenda for media and digital literacy academics, teachers and researchers and the need for education to offer a preventative antidote to the dangers of fake news has been in the public discourse.

Therefore, the editors of this special issue, having been involved in the COST network, its research reports and training events, wish to collect and publish empirical work from the field of digital literacy as the next step in this investigation into digital literacy education and also to frame this research in the context of resilience to fake news. Whilst the COST reports focus on Europe, this special issue will publish research from a broader international scope.

The deadline for submission is *30 May 2018*.

Full call and author guidelines. <>

/Professor Julian McDougall/

Centre for Excellence in Media Practice

School of Journalism, English and Communication

Bournemouth University

Editor: /Media Practice and Education/

Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy//

Research and Publications <>

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