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[ecrea] The Interactive Documentary in Canada

Fri Apr 20 11:04:48 GMT 2018

Adoptive home to the ‘father of documentary,’ John Grierson, Canada has long been at the forefront of innovations in documentary filmmaking. In the last decade and a half, the country has established itself as a world leader in the creation and advancement of a new strain of documentary film: the interactive documentary or ‘i-doc’, loosely defined as “any project that starts with an intention to document the ‘real’ and that uses digital interactive technology to realize this intention” (Aston & Gaudenzi). The term thus encompasses a variety of projects that are alternatively referred to as web-docs, transmedia documentaries, serious games, locative docs, docu-games, and virtual reality non-fiction.

The proposed volume will examine documentary's shift toward digital interactivity and the internet in Canada — including both the institutional context of the National Film Board of Canada and the private sector — situating the i-doc within the nation’s strong history of documentary filmmaking and technological innovation.

The editors seek to compile a holistic account of the interactive documentary in Canada — theory, criticism, case studies, process documents, oral history and reflection. As it emerged from a constellation of technologies and practices that are quickly changing, the i-doc’s future is uncertain. We thus deem such a collection necessary: its rich and diverse history in Canada requires study before its moment passes or the object is lost for study.

We encourage prospective contributors to consider the subject areas listed below and to reflect on the specific contributions of Canadian creators and contexts to the story of interactive documentary:

      o media history / archeology
      o the labour of i-docs
      o the pre-history of the i-doc
      o policy and cultural production
      o activism and social engagement
      o sound
      o gamification
      o representations of the north / indigenous productions
      o the audience
      o the i-doc and pedagogy
      o the app vs. the browser
      o curation and programming
      o archiving the i-doc
      o the future of the form
      o close readings of individual works (or groups of work)

*Please submit an abstract of 250-300 words and a list of 3-5 bibliographic sources before May 25th 2018 to the editors, Jessica Mulvogue (**(jessica.mulvogue /at/* <mailto:(jessica.mulvogue /at/>*) and Mike Baker (**(mike.baker /at/* <mailto:(mike.baker /at/>*).*

For general questions, contact (mike.baker /at/ <mailto:(mike.baker /at/>.

Final submissions will be due early 2019.

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