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[ecrea] Digital Orientations (New Book)

Mon Apr 16 09:52:40 GMT 2018

If you've received this email it's because I hope - based on what I know of your work (in various fields or disciplines) - that you might be interested in a newly published book of mine, which I'd like to bring to your attention...

Digital Orientations: Non-Media-Centric Media Studies and Non-Representational Theories of Practice (New York: Peter Lang, Digital Formations Series, 2018).

Digital Orientations is a book that's as much about the deft movements of fingers or 'digits' as it is about digital media technologies, and readers are encouraged to understand 'digital' media as manual media (think of hands that manipulate a computer keyboard or the finger that routinely slides and taps on the touch-screen of a smart-phone). It's also a book that insists on situating media and their uses in relation to a far broader range of quotidian technologies and practices - calling, in what might appear to be a contradiction in terms, for 'non-media-centric' media studies, and ultimately for the institutional establishment of an interdisciplinary field of everyday-life studies. There's a bold call, too, for non-media-centric media studies of a particular sort - with a 'non-representational' theoretical emphasis - arguing that greater attention needs to be paid to bodily-knowledge-in-movement or to matters of orientation and habitation (with rather less attention being paid to matters of symbolic representation and cognitive interpretation).

The book engages with writings from across the humanities and social sciences, drawing on Merleau-Ponty's phenomenological philosophy, Ingold's anthropology, the geographies of Massey, Seamon and Thrift, and the sociologies of Bourdieu, Sudnow and Urry. It makes the case for a perspective that de-centres media whilst acknowledging their distinctive affordances, and for an approach which is both anti-structuralist and anti-rationalist (but in a way that remains committed to the investigation of cultural meanings and social differences).

Peter Lang Website:

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Shaun Moores
Professor of Media and Communications
Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sunderland, England

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