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[ecrea] IJoC - Call for Book Reviews

Fri Mar 30 07:17:51 GMT 2018

The International Journal of Communication has the following book titles
available for review for publication consideration in IJoC. If interested in
reviewing one of these books, please provide the following details in this
order.  Please follow these instructions carefully.  ONLY SERIOUS book
reviewers need apply, otherwise you will be charged for the book.

1) Your full name, title (e.g., professor, associate professor, etc.) and

2) Full mailing address including apt. # if applicable (U.S. home address

3) Author name and title of the book you're interested in reviewing.


This is on a first-come, first-served basis and we apologize in advance if
the book you’ve requested is not available at the time you respond.

NOTE: In our last call-for-book reviews in October 2017, all books were
claimed within six hours which required our closing the call early.  Only
serious book reviewers will be considered.


Aiello, Giorgia, Tarantino, Matteo, & Oakley, Kate (Eds.) Communicating the
City: Meanings, Practices, Interactions

Alaimo, Kara
Pitch, Tweet or Engage on the Street

Alper, Meryl
Giving Voice: Mobile Communication, Disability, and Inequality

Alvarado, Manuel, Buonanno,Milly, Gray, Herman & Miller, Toby (Eds.) The
SAGE Handbook of Television Studies

Artz, Lee
Global Entertainment Media: A Critical Introduction

Babe, Robert
Wilbur Schramm and Noam Chomsky Meet Harold Innis

Balaji, Murali
Digital Hinduism: Dharma and Discourse in the Age of New Media

Barney, Darin et al. (Eds.)
The Participatory Condition in the Digital Age

Boczkowski, Pablo, & Anderson, C.W. (Eds.) Remaking the News: Essays on the
Future of Journalism Scholarship in the Digital Age

Bollmer, Grant
Inhumane Networks: Social Media and the Archeology of Connection

Booher, Amanda K. & Jung, Julie
Feminist Rhetorical Science Studies: Humanist Bodies, Posthumanist Worlds

Borschke, Margie
This is Not a Remix: Piracy, Authenticity, and Popular Music

Broderick, Mick
Reconstructuring Strange Love: Inside Stanley Kubrick's 'Nightmare Comedy'

Brophy, Enda
Language Put to Work: The Making of the Global Call Centre Workforce

Brugger, Niels & Schroeder, Ralph (Eds.) The Web As History

Brunsdon, Charlotte
Television Cities: Paris, London, Baltimore

Bunz, Mercedes & Meikle, Graham
The Internet of Things

Busch, Lawrence
Real Myths = False Truths: Securing America's Future  (e-book)

Callahan, M., & Roegers J. (Eds.)
A Critical Guide to Intellectual Property

Carlson, Matt
Journalistic Authority: Legitimating News in the Digital Era

Carlsson, Ulla & Goldberg, David
The Legacy of Peter Forsskål: 250 Years pf Freedom of Expression

Carlsson, Ulla & Pöyhtäri, Reeta
The Assault of Journalism: Building Knowledge to Protect Freedom of

Cavalcante, Andre
Struggling for Ordinary: Media and Transgender Belonging in Everyday Life

Choe, Youngmin
Tourist Distractions: Traveling and Feeling in Transitional Hallyu Cinema

Christian, Aymar Jean
Open TV: Innovation beyond Hollywood and the Rise of Web Television

Christensen, Christa Lykke and Peterson, Line Nybro (Eds.) Nordicom Review:
Journal from the Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication

Chung, Hye Jean
Media Heterotopias: Digital Effects and Material Labor in Global Film

Citton, Yves
The Ecology of Attention

Cohen, Nicole S.
Writers' Rights: Freelance Journalism in a Digital Age

Coleman, S., Thumim, N., Birchall, C., Frimstone, J., Moss, G., Parry, K.,
Stamper, J., & Blumler, J.
The Mediated City: The News in a Post-Industrial Context

Conway, Kyle
Little Mosque of the Prairie

Couldry, Nick & Hepp, Andreas
The Mediated Construction of Reality

Craig, Geoffery
Performing Politics

Cubitt, Sean
Finite Media: Environmental Implications of Digital Technologies

Curtin, Michael & Sanson, Kevin (Eds.)
Precarious Creativity: Global Media, Local Labor

Cushion, Stephen & Thomas, Richard
Reporting Elections: Rethinking the Logic of Campaign Coverage

Daliot-Bul, Michal & Otmazgin, Nissim
The Anime Boom in the United States: Lessons for global creative industries

Davis, Aeron (Ed.)
The Death of Public Knowledge? How Free Markets Destroy the General

Day, Amber
DIY Utopia

De Kosnik, Abigail
Rogue Activities: Digital Cultural Memory and Media Fandom

Dean, Cornelia
Making Sense of Science

Dowd, John
Educational Ecologies

Deseriis, Marco
Improper Names: Collective Pseudonyms from the Luddites to Anonymous

Dubrofsky, Rachel E . & Magnet, Shoshana Amielle (Eds.) Feminist
Surveillance Studies

Edström, Maria, Kenyon, Andrew, & Svensson, Eva-Maria (Eds.) Blurring the
Lines: Market-Driven and Democracy-Driven Freedom of Expression

Eide, Martin; Sjovaag, Helle; & Larsen, Leif Ove Journalism Re-Examined

Einstein, Mara
Advertising: What everyone needs to know

Elliott, Andrew B.R.
Medievalism, Politics and Mass Media

Fan, Victor
Cinema Approaching Reality:  Locating Chinese Film Theory

Fehimovic, Dunja & Ogden, Rebecca
Branding Latin America: Strategies, Aims, Resistance

Feigenbaum, Paul
Collaborative Imagination: Earning Activism Through Literacy Education

Freedman, D., Obar, J. A., Martens, C., & McChesney, R. W. (Eds) Strategies
for Media Reform: International Perspectives

Friedman, Elisabeth
Interpreting the Internet

Gabor, Georgina
Politics within Parentheses

Gagliardone, Iginio
The Politics of Technology in Africa

Gagné, Gilbert
The Trade and Culture Debate

Gajjala, Radhika
Online Philathropy in the Global North and South: Connecting,
Microfinancing, and Gaming for Change

Gatison, Annette
Health Communication and Breast Cancer among Black Women

Gillespie, Michael Boyce
Film Blackness: American Cinema and the Idea of Black Film

Goldberg, Greg
Antisocial Media: Anxious Labor in the Digital Economy

Gonzalez-Bailon, Sandra
Decoding the Social World: Data Science and the Unintended Consequences of

Graban, Tarez Samra
Women’s Irony: Rewriting Feminist Rhetorical Histories

Grano, Daniel
The Eternal Present of Sport: Rethinking Sport and Religion

Gutgold, Nichola D.
Still Paving the Way for Madam President

Hamilton, James
Democracy's Detectives

Hamm, Mark S. & Spaaij, Ramón
The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism

Hanna, Judith Lynne
Dancing to Learn

Herbeck, Dale & Drucker, Susan
Communication and the Baseball Stadium

Herrmann, Andrew & Herbig, Art (Eds.)
Communication Perspectives on Popular Culture

Hinrichsen, L., Caison, G., Rountree, S. (Eds.) Small-Screen Souths: Region,
Identity, and the Cultural Politics of Television

Hemer, Oscar & Tufte, Thomas
Communication, Development and the Cultural Return

Hirsch, Joe
The Feedback Fix: Dump the Past, Embrace the Future, and Lead the Way to

Holm, Nicholas
Humor as Politics: The Political Aesthetics of Contemporary Comedy

Howley, Kevin
Drones: Media Discourse and the Public Imagination

Hovden, J.F., Nygren, G., & Zilliacus-Tikkanen (Eds.) Becoming a Journalist:
Journalism education in the Nordic Countries

International Journal of Communication (IJoC)
USC Annenberg Press
University of Southern California

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