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Sat Mar 17 14:32:17 GMT 2018


# 33

June-December 2018

*East of Eden/La Valle dell’Eden – New seriesJournal of Cinema, Photography, Media *

*Director*: Grazia Paganelli (Museo Nazionale del Cinema)

*Editors:* Giaime Alonge (Università di Torino), Giulia Carluccio (Università di Torino), Luca Malavasi (Università di Genova), Federica Villa (Università di Pavia).

*Advisory board*: Paolo Bertetto (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”), Francesco Casetti (Yale University), Richard Dyer (King’s College London), Ruggero Eugeni (Università Cattolica “Sacro Cuore” di Milano), Tom Gunning (University of Chicago), Giacomo Manzoli (Università di Bologna), Enrico Menduni (Università di Roma 3), Catherine O’Rawe (University of Bristol), Peppino Ortoleva (Università di Torino), Guglielmo Pescatore (Università di Bologna), Francesco Pitassio (Università di Udine), Jacqueline Reich (Fordham University), Rosa Maria Salvatore (Università di Padova), Antonio Somaini (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III), Pierre Sorlin (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3), Veronica Pravadelli (Univeristà di Roma 3).

*Editorial board*: Silvio Alovisio (Università di Torino), Alessandro Amaducci (Università di Torino), Luca Barra, (Università di Bologna), Claudio Bisoni (Università di Bologna), Gabriele D’Autilia (Università di Teramo), Raffaele De Berti (Università di Milano), Ilaria De Pascalis (Università di Bologna), Damiano Garofalo (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”), Michele Guerra (Università di Parma), Ilario Meandri (Università di Torino), Andrea Minuz (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”), Emiliano Morreale (Università di Roma “La Sapienza”), Mariapaola Pierini (Università di Torino), Franco Prono (Università di Torino), Chiara Simonigh (Università di Torino), Andrea Valle (Università di Torino).

*Editorial staff: *Lorenzo Donghi (Università di Pavia), Riccardo Fassone (Università di Torino), Giuliana Galvagno (Università di Torino), Ismaela Goss (Università di Genova), Andrea Mattacheo (Università di Torino), Matteo Pollone (Università di Torino), Gabriele Rigola (Università di Torino), Hamilton Santià (Università di Torino), Jacopo Tomatis (Università di Torino), Sara Tongiani (Università di Genova), Deborah Toschi (Università di Pavia).

*Editorial staff coordination: *Cristina Colet (Università di Torino), Giulia Muggeo (Università di Torino).

*When images stopped being (just) images:*

*postmodern theories and visual studies*


Edited by Barbara Grespi and Luca Malavasi

The theoretical discussion that accompanied the advent of postmodern society – a society marked by a profound renewal of the media, communication and information system, and by a new role taken by cultural production – has contributed, among other things, to put forward the need to rethink the concepts of image and representation, while the field of visuality was pointed out, for the first time with such force, as a crucial space to understand and measure the ongoing changes. >From this debate at the intersection of very different disciplines and methodologies, emerged a specific “image theory”, of which it seems possible to fully appreciate the complexity and foresight only today: it’s within this plural and interdisciplinary debate, in fact, that we begin to look at images (all types of images) as “objects” provided with new value and complexity, but also with new forms of presence and action, thus clearly suggesting that images have now become /something else/.

The aim of this monographic issue of “La Valle dell’Eden” is double: on one hand, it aims at stimulating an overall rethinking of the image theory developed within the analytical category of postmodernism and to foster a new, fresh look that could lead to new dialogues between thinkers and disciplines; this can put into question the postmodern “vulgate” and valorize poorly explored topics and interpretations. On the other hand, it intends to encourage a reconsideration of the postmodern image debate in relation to the visual culture studies, which affirmed their disciplinary identity between the end of the eighties and the early nineties, in part in response to postmodern theory, with which they established a conflictual relationship, a mix of substitution, overcoming and rethinking.

Among the possible, but not exclusive, research areas, we suggest, concerning the first aim:

- the contemporary status of images;

- the postmodern visual paradigm in relation to the history of images;

- the debate about postmodernism in the historic and artistic disciplines;

- the changing balance in the relation word/image;

- the postmodern traits of cinema and movies;

- symbolic exchanges and perfect murders: a return to the “the theory of the simulacrum”.

With regard to the second aim:

- the individuation and the analysis of the “living forms” of images;

- the notion of “technical images”, also as an emblem of a new paradigm in the relationship between human being and technology;

- the “carnality” of images and their relation to the spectator’s body;

- the dialectics between material and immaterial;

- the redefinition of the boundaries of the visual;

- visuality and digital theory.

Interested authors should submit a 500-word abstract by *April 15* to Barbara Grespi ((barbara.grespi /at/ <mailto:(barbara.grespi /at/>), Luca Malavasi ((luca.malavasi /at/ <mailto:(luca.malavasi /at/>), (eden /at/ <mailto:(eden /at/>. The first draft of the accepted article (max 4.000/5.000 words) is expected to be submitted by *June 30*.

Abstracts and papers both in English or Italian will be considered.

The issue will be published in December 2018.

/La valle dell’Eden/ is an academic journal of Film and Media Studies founded in 1999 and published by the University of Turin, in collaboration with the Universities of Pavia and Genoa.

/La valle dell’Eden/ adopts a system of open review, in the perspective of a broad and agile discussion with contributors, in order to promote a non-ritual review process, with a frank and productive dialogue between the authors and the journal.

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