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[ecrea] Mobility and Argument in Motion

Wed Mar 07 09:04:39 GMT 2018

Pre-ISSA Workshop: Mobility and Argument in Motion
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
July 2, 2018

The recent movement of people from one place to another due to precarious circumstances furnishes a decisive, contemporary subject for inquiry. Arguers assemble and move themselves and things about within cities and across countries via material and immaterial networks. Identities are mixed. Status split. Pro and con arguments work amid situations where the roles of hospitality, exchange, and collaboration mix and meet restrictions, group disconnections, and resistance. What are the stances, schemes, and genre of rescuers, smugglers, camp-life, border life, and residential enclaves? What are the dialogical capacities, apparatus, and ties of migrants, refugees, diasporatic groups, displaced persons, specious document holders, extended visa holders, temporary workers, and students? After what scholars call the mobility turn, the history of movement provides new language to understand the ambit of everyday, informal reasoning, as the new “normal”: exile, exodus, migration, expatriation, place-less-ness, multiple identities, and anonymity often without the option of returning “home.”

From the movement of people and ideas, to scientific discourses on time, travel, and kosmos, we invite the exploration of mobility and argument in motion, as physical, philosophical, and metaphorical ties, institutions, systems and practices of reasoning. We invite scholars interested in exploring how mobility challenges and can be integrated within available models of argumentation or in developing new theories of mobility for the study of argumentation. Panelists will initiate or extend inquiry into arguers moving things and on the move, and how these networking activities influence the products, processes and systems of argumentation. How/Does mobility work or participate as a necessary, implicit or explicit feature in any or all forms of argumentation?

We invite submissions in the form of a TWO-PAGE working PAPER (500-900 words, including the author’s name, institutional affiliation and contact information). The working paper may frame ideas, an apparatus, a source, and a question that the working group should consider. We invite ideas that frame new ways of thinking about mobility argument, reason, and communication. An apparatus is a platform or mechanism that absorbs arguments, arranges, and redistributes information useful in discussing and/or decision-making. A source is a scholar whose work ought to inform our discussion (a key work is useful for preparing the group), and questions should pose lines of inquiry useful for the turn.

Abstract submission deadline: 1 April 2018
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 15 April 2018
Confirmation of attendance 1 May 2018
Workshop in Amsterdam: 2 July 2018

We will select up to 14 workshop participants based on the best mix of argument perspectives, alternative contexts, and productive overlaps. All accepted panelists will receive a file with the complete working papers.

For questions and submissions, please email the organizing committee at: (mobargum /at/ <mailto:(mobargum /at/>

G. Thomas Goodnight, University of Southern California
Dima Mohammed, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
Alessandra Von Burg, Wake Forest University

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