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[ecrea] Call for abstracts (articles): Special issue of the SoundEffects journal

Mon Mar 05 17:59:12 GMT 2018

Call for abstracts (articles): Special issue of the SoundEffects journal

Theme: Sonification and Multimodal Displays - Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Editor: Thomas Bjørnsten

The field of sonification, i.e. the process and practice of mapping data onto sounds, has gained increasing attention over the past years. Sonification has been applied in scientific lab settings, health and medical contexts, in assistive technologies, and exploratory design projects. The theoretical and methodological approaches are often diverse and highly interdisciplinary, emerging from mixed core research areas such as computer science, psychology, musicology, and media studies. However, when we consider the actual impact and future uses of sonification much points to its obvious integration with various systems, interfaces and media.

With this special issue of SoundEffects we specifically want to address the deployment of sonification in the context of multimodal displays. Multimodal displays are already used extensively, for instance, in automotive design, where the combination of visual and auditory cues affords awareness and interaction. As not only our vehicles, but almost all of our everyday devices become more and more data driven, the actual potentials for sonification and its role in multimodal displays have just begun to surface. This calls for extended interdisciplinary interrogations.

We are therefore interested in contributions that focus on both the theoretical, methodological, and applied perspectives for sonification as such and in the context of multimodal displays. We welcome papers and essays that address and interrogate, but are not limited to, the following topics:

• General design challenges

• Exploratory and artistic design approaches

• New digital media platforms

• The impact of machine learning and AI

• Assistive technologies perspectives

• Virtual environments (AR and VR)

• Ethical and political issues

• Cultural implications

• Affect and emotion studies

Important deadlines:

Abstract deadline (300 words): May 1, 2018

Decision regarding the abstracts: June 1, 2018

Article deadline (depending on a positive review of the abstract): September 1, 2018

Published: December 2018

Please send your abstract to Thomas Bjørnsten at (bjoernsten /at/ <mailto:(bjoernsten /at/>

Direct link to the call:

SoundEffects ( is an open access, international, peer-reviewed journal on sound and sound experience operating on the Open Journal System. SoundEffects brings together a plurality of theories, methodologies, and historical approaches applicable to sound as both mediated and unmediated experience. The journal primarily addresses disciplines within media and communication studies, aesthetics, musicology, comparative literature, cultural studies, psychology and sociology. In order to push the boundary of interdisciplinary sound studies into new areas, we also encourage contributions from disciplines such as health care, architecture, and sound design. As an international journal taking a humanities-based interdisciplinary approach to sound, SoundEffects is responding to the increasing global interest in sound studies. SoundEffects does not take any charge for submission, review or publishing of articles.

For inquiries not related to the current call please contact Vadim Keylin at (vkeylin /at/ <mailto:(vkeylin /at/>

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