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[ecrea] Open Call: Storytelling in Immersive Virtual Environments 3: Paradigm Shifts - Virtual Reality and Performance Futures.

Mon Feb 26 20:54:01 GMT 2018

*Open Call:*

*Storytelling in Immersive Virtual Environments 3: **Paradigm Shifts - Virtual Reality and Performance Futures.*

For: Practitioners, developers, technologists, researchers, businesses and organisations making Performance work for/with/in Virtual Reality.

*Location: Phoenix Digital Media Centre, Leicester*

*Date: Friday 23rd March 2018*

*Deadline for applications: 9th March 2018*

DAPPER (Digital Arts Performance Practice - Emerging Research) and the IOCT (Institute Of Creative Technologies) at DeMontfort University, invite you to attend a one-day development event, focusing on the practices, challenges and opportunities of creating performance work for/with/in Virtual Reality.

The last couple of years have seen the development of a number of new examples of VR performance work, some made by independent artists and others by established organisations, including /Stuck in the Middle with You” /(Sydney Dance Company, 2016), /Dust/(Boleslavsky and Júdoká, 2017), /Through You /(Baldwin and Unseld, 2017) and /Whist /(AoE, 2017).Some artists are using VR technologies to reimagine existing performance work, others to offer new perspectives on performance making, and others who are exploring new relationships with their audiences.

This event aims create an opportunity for those making performance work for/with/in VR to come together to share and develop practice and challenges relating to Performance and VR;

In what ways are current VR technologies helping artists to re-imagine their practice?What new work is being created and is this having an impact on professional performance practice?How might the use of VR technologies open up new models and/or possibilities for collaboration between artists and technologists?What new performance environments are being created within VR and how might this change how audiences access and engage with professional performance?How can VR enable audiences to engage with performance work in new ways, both collectively and individually?What can VR offer professional performance practice that a traditional ‘live’ experience cannot? What can we learn from emerging VR practice across other sectors to inform and extend professional performance practice as a whole?

The day will include talks by *Catherine Allen *(Limina Immersive), *Esteban Fourmi * (AΦE). Catherine’s talk will focus on audience engagement with different forms of creative VR and Esteban will present his experiences of making and touring a piece of VR performance work. As well as time for group discussion and exchange, the day will provide opportunities to share developing practice with other event participants.

*This is a closed event and there are limited places available. If you would like to attend and participate, please write a 300 word expression of interest and forward to Sophy Smith at **(ssmith05 /at/* <mailto:(ssmith05 /at/>*by 9th March 2018.*


_About the Speakers_

*Catherine Allen*led the creation of two of the BBC's first VR experiences and now curates VR for the UK's leading arts venues with her company, Limina Immersive. Her academic background is in Theatre and Performance. Catherine's work is known for bringing VR to broader audiences who wouldn't describe themselves as early adopters. She is part of the BAFTA VR advisory team and has judged VR for Sheffield Doc Fest, Encounters and Raindance film festivals. Catherine

produced the BBC’s first commissioned VR documentary, the award-winning Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, which has toured festivals globally, showed for six weeks at the National Theatre in London and was described by Broadcast Magazine as 'genre-defining'. In her spare time she writes for Wired magazine and sees a lot of theatre. Before VR, Catherine worked at the educational app publisher, Touch Press; winning a BAFTA on the Disney Animated app, with Disney Interactive.

*Esteban Fourmi*is Artistic Director of AΦE is an Ashford-based dance company founded in 2013 by Aoi Nakamura and Esteban Fourmi. With the vision to bring the art of dance closer to audiences, their mission

is to create high-quality productions and experiences that are not bound by a stage. Driven by the power of body and movement in space, their productions are environments that allow the audience to enjoy total immersion. Each element in the performance space �C the set, performers, audience, sound, objects �C is part of an echoing system, carefully constructed to allow audience’s own reflection on the subject explored. /WHIST/ <>, a physical theatre and virtual reality production, premiered in April 2017 and has been described as/“… a boundary breaking piece, future facing in its use of the medium of VR to develop a new kind of narrative. A truly beautiful, compelling and important work.” /(VICE, The Creators Project).

/This event is brought to you by DAPPER (Digital Arts Performance Practice - Emerging Research), a space where people working in all areas of digital performance can come together - practitioners, technologists, researchers, organisations and all those in-between - to capture, share, discuss, experiment and develop work and ideas relating to digital performance.  It is our contention that whilst many individuals work within their own specialist area of sector, innovation occurs when we have the opportunity to collaborate and cooperate with others./

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