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[ecrea] JICMS Vol. 6:2, 2018

Mon Feb 26 07:23:44 GMT 2018

The Editor is pleased to inform that Vol. 6:2, 2018 is now available online,id=3478/ <,id=3478/>

This issue features the following contributions:

*JICMS Vol. 6:2, 2018*


**1. Critical (self-)reflections in the elusive other: the image of the Austrian in the films of Visconti, Fellini and Cavani

Robert Dassanowsky, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

2. Counter-memory and representations of otherness: Three documentaries by Fred Kudjo Kuwornu

Marie Orton, Brigham Young University

3. The demonization of the South and the Southernification of evil in contemporary Italian cinema:/Belluscone/and/Qualunquemente/

Marcello Messina, Universidade Federal do Acre

4.Masculinity, melodrama, and quality TV: reviewing/La piovra/

Rebecca Bauman,Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York



Presence as absence, absence as presence. An interview with Italian film director Claudio Sestieri

Simone Dubrovic, Kenyon College



1. ‘Italian Screen Studies: Methods and Priorities’: AAIS/CSIS Joint Conference, The Ohio State University, 20-22 April 2017. Conference Report


Daniel Paul, The Ohio State University and Kevin Regan-Maglione, University of Oregon


2. Italian Cinema in Historical and Intercultural Contexts: A Film Festival at Wellesley College

Margaret Roberts, Wellesley College


*Film reviews*

1./Femminismo!/Paola Columba (2016)//

Reviewed by Stefania Benini, Saint Joseph's University

2./Ninna nanna prigioniera/ Imprisoned Lullaby,/Rossella Schillaci (2016)////

Reviewed by Laura Di Bianco, Johns Hopkins University

3./Caffè,/Cristiano Bortone (2016)//

Reviewed by Gaoheng Zhang, University of British Columbia

4./I sogni dei musiù/The Sun of the Immigrant: The Image of Simón Bolívar in Marina di Camerota, Italy,/Enzo D'Ambrosio (1961)//


Reviewed by Rafael Arreaza Scrocchi, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


*Book reviews*


1.**/Breve ma veridica storia del documentario: dal cinema del reale alla nonfiction/, Adriano Aprà (2017)

Reviewed by Paola Bonifazio, The University of Texas at Austin

2./Early Film Theories in Italy, 1896-1922/, Francesco Casetti with Silvio Alovisio and Luca Mazzei (ED) (2017)

Reviewed by Giorgio Bertellini, University of Michigan

3./Italian Political Cinema: Public life, Imaginary, and Identity in Contemporary Italian Film,/Giancarlo Lombardi and Christian Uva (Eds.), 2016


Reviewed by Francesco Fiumara, Southeastern Louisiana University

4./Italy’s Other Women. Gender and Prostitution in Italian Cinema, 1940-1965/, Danielle Hipkins (2016)

Reviewed by Claudia Karagoz, Saint Louis University

5./Federico Fellini: Riprese riletture, (re)visioni/, Alberto Zambenedetti et al (ED.) (2016)

Reviewed by Sam Gaglio, University of Texas at Austin

6./Shooting Star: Sociologia mediatica e filosofia politica di Atlas Ufo Robot,/Marco Pellitteri & Francesco Giacomantonio (2016)**

Reviewed by Francesco-Alessio Ursini., Sun Yat-Sen University

7./FULGOR/(Flinders University Languages Group Online Review)

Volume 5, Issue 1 (April 2016): Special Issue on Italian Cinema

Guest Editor: Luciana d'Arcangeli

Reviewed by Stefania Benini, Saint Joseph's University

8./Divergenze in celluloide. Colore, migrazione e identità nei film gay di Ferzan Özpetek/, Ryan Calabretta-Sadjer (2016)

Reviewed by Laura Leonardo, Newcastle University

9./La TV invadente. Il reality del dolore da Vermicino ad Avetrana/, Anna Bisogno (2015)

Reviewed by Rebecca Bauman, Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York

10./Social Gossip. From Courtyard Chats to Web Rumours,/Antonia Cava and Francesco Pira (2015)

Reviewed by Anna Bisogno, Roma Tre University


11./Il Cinema Italiano: Generi, figure, film del passato e del presente/, Antonio Costa (2013)

Reviewed by Giacomo Boitani, Independent Scholar

Thank you for your attention and interest in JICMS.

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