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[ecrea] Call for Evidence: Young People and Digital Intimacies

Fri Feb 23 16:32:11 GMT 2018

*Call for Evidence: Young People and Digital Intimacies*

This is an invitation to submit evidence to be considered in an interdisciplinary Rapid Evidence Assessment of young people and digital intimacies. The project, funded by a Wellcome Trust Seed Award, aims to enable a better understanding of the kinds of information and interventions on digital intimacies that may be most useful to young people.

We seek to consider a broad range of literature on this topic, paying particular attention to respecting young people’s sexualities and their sexual agency, pleasure and rights; valuing sexual diversity (rather than heteronormativity); recognising that meanings in mediated images are socially negotiated by people in varied contexts; and examining how young people navigate, understand, consume, react to and engage with such material.

As well as identifying literature, we also want to ensure that this Rapid Evidence Assessment is comprehensive and relevant in its content and scope. To that end, we welcome input and suggestions, within the scope of digital intimacies as defined above, as to the areas that should be considered in the review.

  * What are the key questions and practices with regard to young people
    and digital intimacies and what are the main issues from the
    standpoint of young people?
  * What kind of evidence is needed to inform the development of the sex
    education curriculum with regard to digital intimacies?
  * What are some examples of good resources relating to digital
    intimacies and what are the barriers to implementing good resources?
  * As young people's lives are lived increasingly online, what issues
    does this raise for how sexual health is discussed and addressed?
We are keen to hear from anyone with ideas and expertise to contribute. We welcome contributions from academic researchers and wish to include research from a wide range of disciplines. We also hope to receive contributions from stakeholders, for example professionals working with young people, and policy makers in young people’s sexual health and sex and relationships education.

More details about the project are available

You can submit your response in the form of relevant literature and/or areas for consideration either:

Online, using this link:; or

By e-mail, to Rachel Scott at (rachel.scott /at/

The closing date for responses is Friday 16th March 2018.

*The project team*

Clarissa Smith; University of Sunderland, UK

Feona Attwood; Middlesex University, UK

John Mercer; Birmingham City University, UK

Alan McKee; University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Susanna Paasonen; University of Turku, Finland

Rachel Scott; University of Sunderland, UK

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