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[ecrea] new book: Scandalogy: An Interdisciplinary Field

Fri Feb 23 16:31:51 GMT 2018

BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: “Scandalogy: An Interdisciplinary Field” (Haller, Michael & Kraus, 2018) (Halem Publishing House, 2018)

Scandals are an essential part of the media agenda: corruption affairs, doping cases, and environmental pollution are treated as scandals. But such scandals are not only meaningful in the context of media routines. The whole process of scandalization constitutes social phenomena which beg our critical attention from an academic perspective.

The collected volume Scandalogy: An Interdisciplinary Field presents contributions from international researchers that deal with scandals from a range of academic perspectives. The book combines empirical research and theoretical studies on scandals that were presented at the 1st International Conference in Scandalogy at the University of Bamberg in 2016. The book aims at researchers, particularly in political science, communication and media studies. The variety of contributions range from literary studies to psychology and is therefore suitable for all scholars working on scandals and society and warrants proclaiming “Scandalogy” its own field of investigation.

Also, this collected volume appeals to the broader public, interested in scandalization in a modern media environment. The book offers an in-depth expert interview with Frederik Obermaier (Süddeutsche Zeitung), one of the leading journalists in the Panama Papers scandal, and an interview with Robert Entman (George Washington University) which helps to understand scandal culture in the USA in the age of President Trump.


André Haller / Hendrik Michael / Martin Kraus:

Scandalogy. An Introduction to an Interdisciplinary Field

Robert M. Entman / Hendrik Michael:

Preliminary Observations on Scandals and the Press

in the Age of Trump

Steffen Burkhardt:

Scandals in the Network Society

Martina Wagner-Egelhaaf:

The Poetics of Scandal

Monika Verbalyte:

Deconstruction of the Emotional Logic of Political Scandal

Roberto Mincigrucci / Anna Stanziano /

Marco Mazzoni:

Spectacularization and Instrumentalization of

Political Corruption Scandals in the Italian Press:

The Case of ›Villa in Monte Carlo‹

Maria Karidi / Michael Meyen / Daniela Mahl:

Scandals in the Era of Commercial Media Logic

Christian von Sikorski:

The Contents and Effects of Political Scandals:

A Synopsis

Dominic Nyhuis / Susumu Shikano:

The Effect of Scandals on Political Preferences:

The Case of the CDU Donations Scandal in

Germany, 1999-2000

W. Timothy Coombs / Sherry J. Holladay /

Elina R. Tachkova:

When a Scandal and a Crisis Fuse:

Exploring the Communicative Implications of Scansis

Laeed Zaghlami:

How Religion, Politics and Media Deal with Scandals

in Algeria

André Haller / Hendrik Michael /

Frederik Obermaier:

An Interview with Frederik Obermaier on the

State of Investigative Journalism in the

Age of Global Scandals

The Book on Amazon:

Website of Halem Publishing House:

Information on the 2^nd International Conference in Scandalogy (March 28^th -29^th 2018):

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