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[ecrea] Pop Culture and World Politics V.11 CFP -- After the Cultural Politics of Popular Worlds

Tue Feb 20 17:14:57 GMT 2018

Pop Culture and World Politics V.11


After the Cultural Politics of Popular Worlds

Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

August 10-12, 2018

Reflection arrives after the 10^th anniversary of PCWP. PCWP V.1-6 fulfilled the promise of creating a space to “explore the range of interconnections between (world) politics and /popular /culture (broadly conceived, including, but not limited to, news media, films, TV, ads, magazines, graphic novels, fashion, food, music, video games), bringing together scholars from diverse perspectives in politics and IR, as well as forging interdisciplinary links with scholars in other fields.”It showcased the inter-textual continuum by exploring how popular culture represents current world problems but also how current world problems are shaped by already existing popular cultures. Achieving maturity, PCWP V.6-9 became an opportunity for researchers to pursue their research unashamed: no longer needing to justify their research agenda, researchers were encouraged to push further into questions of mimesis, aesthetics, materialism, political economy, diversity, intersectionality etc.  An explosion of profound research could be celebrated on its own terms. At PCWP 10 a new challenge was made: “to advance, it is important to go beyond disciplinary boundaries. There is much to learn from other fields who have also engaged with the ways culture, the popular, and power are intertwined.”

As such, *After the Cultural Politics of Popular Worlds* invites PCWP scholars to engage in agenda setting for the next decade.  It encourages proposals that explore the limits studying PCWP in and after the cultural, aesthetic, materialist, ontological, affective and speculative turns. It invites a return to the epistemological questions that a study of inter-text attempted to solve and the aesthetic embrace attempted to open.  It incites reassessment of the enduring debts that graft studying politics and culture onto the problem of worlds, times and challenges. It anticipates fresh engagements with the practices, procedures and performances used in the study of PCWP.  It asks if PCWP always arrives after the fact and whether PCWP can participate in the fantasy of creating alternative worlds? *After the Cultural Politics of Popular Worlds* seeks a fresh agenda for PCWP; it is not a necessary or easy task, it simply an invitation, after the fact.

As such, in addition to the wide range of research questions championed in PCWP’s last 10 years, this convergence also invites papers that explore the following provocations:

Will PCWP remain a “Western” vocation?
Will PCWP retain a cultural orientation?
Will PCWP maintain an aesthetic occupation?
Will PCWP address science and technology changes?
Will PCWP survive the inclusion of new voices, formats and practitioners?
Will PCWP exceed its methodological and/or pedagogical foundations?
Can PCWP maintain its experimental calling?

Acadia University is located in Wolfville at the heart of Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley and Bay of Fundy.  Just steps beyond Acadia’s campus you can explore a rich, natural environment that includes the world’s highest tides, award winning wineries, woodland and coastal hiking trails, and bountiful farmers’ markets.  PCWP in August is the perfect time to visit Canada’s maritime provinces. See <>for endearing travel, housing and tourist information.


*Submission Instructions:*


Abstract submissions may include individual papers, panels, or roundtables. Please include paper/panel/roundtable information in the body of the email and/or as an attachment in PDF format. Individual papers please include your contact details.  Panel/roundtable submission should include five papers/presenters. For panel and roundtable submissions please include the contact details for all participants as well as the convener.  With the goal of making an interesting program, we might move stuff around.


*Submission Deadline: March 30, 2018 -- Acceptance Notification: ASAP *

*Submissions and inquiries should be sent to (pcwp2018 /at/ <mailto:(pcwp2018 /at/>*


*Please circulate widely*

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