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[ecrea] Call for papers - Platforms, algorithms, formats. How online news media are evolving

Thu Feb 08 15:35:52 GMT 2018

"Problemi dell'Informazione, the Italian journal of journalism studies, looks for paper about

*Platforms, algorithms, formats.**How online news media are evolving *(Edited by: Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Università di Urbino Carlo Bo, (giovanni.bocciaartieri /at/ Alberto Marinelli, Sapienza Università di Roma, (alberto.marinelli /at/

Social media platforms and technology companies (search and internet related services) are having a much disruptive impact on the online news media environment than the one generated by the first wave of digital transformation, i.e. from paper to digital. Companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Snapchat are increasingly playing an editorial role in relation to, and in competition with, traditional publishers. Evolving beyond the function of news distribution channels, such online platforms have control on what kinds ofcontents can be visible to the public, on the commercial dynamics of information, and on the evolution of journalism formats.

This transformation affects information’s validation and verification mechanisms, taking place within a more complex system of content distribution and visibility, where the logic of the algorithms are combined with those of networked social relations.

At the same time, publishers themselves are increasingly reaching their audiences not just through structured and coherent products but through the distribution of spreadable single content that platforms organize according to principles and logics created according to specific user-related metrics.

Furthermore, platforms challenge patterns of information production through their specific affordances and ad hoc formats designed to narrate and promote mainly content that could stimulate engagement in social media: from Live, to Stories, to 360-degree videos to Instant articles, etc.

In this context, it becomes crucial to understand whether and how digital platforms are modifying the online news media ecosystem and the professional reality, taking into account the relationship between affordances and practices, from the perspectives of both producers and audiences. Investigating changing patterns in power relations, in the development of reputation capitals and in the emergence of news validation forms is thus of paramount relevance.

The 3/2018 issue of Problemi dell’Informazione aims at exploring this matter through a vibrant discussion grounded both on empirical research and theoretical analyses. Potential contributors may address issues including, but not limited to, the following:.

• Editorial role and responsibility of the platforms: critical analysis

• New information formats and platform journalism;

• Social responsibility of algorithms, the use of data for targeting and the power of online platforms;

• News production and news dissemination through social media platforms: critical perspective on disinformation and misinformation;

*Submission of proposals *

Deadline for abstract submission is March 15, 2018

Abstract:250 words maximum (references not included)

Full papers will be due May 31, 2018 and will undergo a double-blind peer review procedure.

Papers: length between max 8000 words maximum (including notes and references)

Papers in English and Italian are accepted.

Submissions should be sent to: (probleminformazione /at/"

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