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[ecrea] New Book: 'Reporting the road to Brexit: International Media and the EU Referendum 2016'

Fri Feb 02 17:30:04 GMT 2018

***Forthcoming Book: 'Reporting the road to Brexit: International Media and the EU Referendum 2016' - Anthony Ridge-Newman, Fernando León-Solís and Hugh O’Donnell***

**Apologies for cross-posting**

*Included below: (1) reference for citations; (2) abstract about the book; and (3) the chapters and authors.*

Anthony Ridge-Newman, Fernando León-Solís and Hugh O’Donnell (eds) (2018) 'Reporting the road to Brexit: International Media and the EU Referendum'. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

*About the Book*
The United Kingdom’s 2016 European Union referendum, and its Brexit outcome, were major international events that fuelled significant media coverage in both British and international contexts. However, did news media around the world construct a homogeneous global narrative? If so, how? One BBC News story portrayed international newspapers as framing Brexit as an international crisis akin to a natural disaster. This book examines these themes through an engagement with international political communication theories that provide useful concepts like the ‘domestication’ and ‘globalization’ of news content. The project includes a contextual preface and 20 chapters, 18 of which form case studies that analyse media representations of the EU referendum and Brexit across 18 global locales, contributed to by 25 leading international scholars. The majority of cases show evidence of the domestication of news content. The book argues that news media serving locales with closer cultural, political and economic proximities to the European Union contributed more intensive discourses in reporting the road to Brexit.


 1. Reporting the road to Brexit: EU Referendum and the Media (Anthony
 2. Mobilizing Migration: analysing the role of the ‘migrant’ in the
    British press during the EU referendum 2016 debate (Oisín Share)
 3. Scotland, Wales and press discourses amid the 2016 EU referendum
    (Michael Higgins, Anthony Ridge-Newman and Fiona M McKay)
 4. The EU Referendum 2016 on Scottish Television (Marina Dekavalla)
 5. ‘A pit we have dug ourselves’: EU referendum 2016 and the Welsh
    democratic deficit (Simon Gwyn Roberts)
 6. Whither the ‘hand of history’: Northern Ireland newspaper coverage
    of the 2016 EU referendum campaign (Stephen Baker)
 7. Polarised Politics and Personalisation: British TV News Coverage of
    the EU Referendum 2016 (Andrew Tolson)
 8. The 2016 EU referendum in Gibraltar: Opinion articles in
    Gibraltarian news (Ángela Alameda Hernández)
 9. Left versus right, or mainstream versus margins? Divisions in French
    media and reactions to the ‘Brexit’ vote (Thomas Martin and Laurent
10. 2016 EU referendum reporting in Austrian, German, and Swiss Media:
    Catastrophes, Characterizations, Challenges (Klaus Peter Müller)
11. It’s the economy, stupid: Coverage of the British EU referendum in
    Norway (Birgitte Kjos Fonn)
12. Spanish Media and the EU Referendum 2016: The Assault on an
    Enlightened Project (Fernando León-Solís, Enric Castelló and Hugh
13. Discursive Dimensions of the EU Referendum 2016 Press Coverage in
    Portugal (Isabel Simões-Ferreira)
14. 'Little England beats Great Britain': Italian Media Coverage of the
    EU Referendum 2016 (Rinella Cere)
15. EU Referendum 2016 in the Greek press (Giorgos Katsambekis and
    George Souvlis)
16. Turkish newspapers: How they use ‘Brexit’ for domestic political
    gain (Lyndon Way)
17. Israeli media and the EU referendum 2016: Political or economic
    story? (Tal Samuel-Azran and Yair Galily)
18. Whose news? How the Canadian media covered Britain’s EU referendum
    (Christopher Waddell)
19. Russian media and the EU referendum 2016 (Helena Bassil-Morozow)
20. Constructing Brexit: Crisis and International Political
    Communication (Anthony Ridge-Newman, Fernando León-Solís and Hugh

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