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[ecrea] CFP: Fates of Frankenstein

Thu Jan 25 10:02:11 GMT 2018

Conference:*The Fates of Frankenstein*

*23-24 November 2018, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh*

2018 sees a flourishing crop of events commemorating, one way or another, the bicentenary of /Frankenstein/’s publication. The Fates of Frankenstein is a two-day conference about adaptations and appropriations of Shelley’s novel.

The fate of Frankenstein and his monstrous creation has been to outlive their original context. Indeed, /Frankenstein/ almost immediately escaped its book covers into Richard Brinsley Peake’s 1823 stage adaptation, /Presumption; or, the Fate of Frankenstein/. Two hundred years later, Shelley’s compelling tale has given rise to what Audrey Fisch describes as a ‘panoply of manifestations and permutations’ in popular culture.

This conference explores /Frankenstein/’s myriad cultural fates, in which it not only inspires new narratives and creative works but is also widely invoked by the media and in a range of social and scientific contexts. Over two anything-but-dreary days in November, the conference will take stock of the ways in which /Frankenstein/ remains very much alive in 2018, and of trends and innovations in its adaptations, retellings, and reuses in the last two centuries.

Confirmed speakers: Nick Dear, playwright; Professor Catherine Spooner, Lancaster University; Dr Daniel Cook, University of Dundee.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

-/Frankenstein /on television, in films, on stage

-/Frankenstein/for young readers and viewers, in children’s literature, in YA

-/Frankenstein /art, craft, fashion

-Fandom, fan studies, fan fiction

-Genre treatments: Gothic, horror, weird, SF, comedy, romance

-Interdisciplinary /Frankensteins/: medical humanities, environmental humanities, digital humanities

-/Frankenstein/and the social sciences

-/Frankenstein /and the life sciences

-/Frankenstein /in technology, robotics, AI


-/Frankenstein/in the news, in politics, in social media//

-/Frankenstein/in science communication

-Graphic novels

-Cartoons, animations

-Creative writing

-Music, soundtracks, performance

We welcome proposals for traditional 20-minute papers, and also encourage pre-formed panels, round tables, performances, workshops (or other appropriate format).

Please send proposals of around 250 words plus a short biography to the conference organisers Sarah Artt and Emily Alder at (frankensteinat200 /at/ <mailto:(frankensteinat200 /at/>by 30 April 2018.

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