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[ecrea] New Issue Journal ICONO14 - Technologies for transformation? Social media before political and social change

Wed Jan 10 21:57:08 GMT 2018

        New Issue Journal ICONO14: Technologies for transformation? Social media before political and social change
Vol.16, Núm 1 (2018)
Editors: Francisco García and Manuel Gertrudix
Guest editors: Miguel de Aguilera (Universidad de Málaga, Spain) and Andreu Casero-Ripollés (Universitat Jaume I de Castelló, Spain)     The transformations that political communication is experiencing in the digital environment are disrupting the scenario, the actors and the balance of power between them. The new digital media, usually considered as messianic technologies, are opening the debate between the public or citizens empowerment, and idea that rises as a new totem in the framework of utopian or dystopian approaches, depending on who articulates them. This presents the redefinition of the power flows and opens a new possibility for the social change and the transformation of the democracy. Digital platforms, such as social media or app, and their communicative potential are generating debates about the new modalities of building the public agenda, about the ability to articulate new discourses or about the power struggles between old and new political actors, media actors, and social actors in this new environment, among other aspects. All these questions require new knowledge to understand this era of transit and its communicative and democratic consequences.

Table of contents (

- Technologies for transformation? Social media before political and social change. Miguel de Aguilera, Dr., Andreu Casero-Ripolles, Dr. - Political Communication and Social Change. Political Communication and Challenges in the Digital Age. Laura Solito, Carlo Sorrentino. - Activism and communication in the digital age. Carlos Elías. - Twitter as a tool for political communication in the context of the Catalan independence referendum: citizen associations in front of public institutions. Rafael Carrasco Polaino, Dr., Ernesto Villar Cirujano, Dr., Laura Tejedor Fuentes, Dr. - New media and traditional media on the net. Spaces of opinion and political interaction in the Trump era. Xosé Rúas Araújo, Andrés Mazaira, Ana Isabel Rodriguez Vazquez. - “Sorry. Do you know what?”: proximity and intimate ethos in @CFKArgentina. Irene Lis Gindin. - The issues of the Spanish political leaders in Twitter. Analysis of the two electoral campaigns in 2015. Ricardo Zugasti Azagra, Dr., Carmela García Ortega, Dra. - Twitter as second screen in political debates on television. Luis Mauricio Calvo Rubio. - From Robin Hood to Jobbing Hood: a transmedia hero for the European Commission. Concepción Mateos Martín, Dra., Ana Sedeño Valdellós, Dra. - The Videogames as Tecnopolitical Device. The case study of “Games Of The Commons (Goods)”. Luca Carrubba

- A neurobiological and communicational view of the image and augmented reality. Isidro Moreno Sánchez, Jesús Jiménez Segura - Media consumption of adolescents and young people. News, audiovisual content and audience measurement. Antonio García Jiménez, Victoria Tur-Viñes, Yolanda Pastor Ruiz - Virality and interaction. Analysis of engagement in ten most viewed ads on YouTube in Spain in 2016. Jesús Segarra-Saavedra, Tatiana Hidalgo-Marí
47-71 PDF (Español) HTML (Español)

BOOK REVIEWS - Advertising graphic design. Jesús del Olmo Barbero, Dr.
- Advertising company Manage and undertake in advertising. Paloma Sanz-Marcos
- Madrid in the cinema of Pedro Almodóvar. Daniel Barrera Muro
    Manuel Gertrudix Barrio
Journal ICONO 14
(Info /at/

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