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[ecrea] VII. International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society-“Polarization, Populism, and the New Politics: Media and Communication in a Changing World”

Tue Jan 09 18:33:33 GMT 2018

*VII. International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society____*

*__ __*

*“Polarization, Populism, and the New Politics: Media and Communication in a Changing World”____*

*__ __*

*April 10-11, 2018____*

*__ __*

*Kadir Has University____*

*Istanbul, Turkey____*

*__ __*

*__ __*

In an age of constant flux, uncertainty, and ambivalence a new style is dominating the political sphere; and the language of politics is changing. A notoriously elusive and slippery concept, populism is the buzzword used for naming this new political style. An overview of populist parties and movements underline the fact that polarization is the /sine qua non/ of populism. Populist logic rests on clear cut distinctions between us and them. It is ‘them’ (the opposition, elites, refugees, foreigners, minorities etc.) who pose the biggest threat against ‘our’ homogenous, harmonious, and flawless community. Populist political movements are in search of a past long since forgotten, epitomized by the call for making nations great again. ____

__ __

Populism and polarization are not unique to Western liberal democracies alone. From South America to Africa, from Middle East to South and Southeast Asia we see prevalence of populist ideologies, themes, parties, movements, and leaders. This is why it is urgent to develop comparative and multi-sited research projects analyzing populism in general and populisms in particular. ____

__ __

An overall analysis of the extant literature on populism points out that the role played by media in production, reproduction and dissemination of populist discourses is not explored enough. Populist phenomenon cannot be understood without taking mediatization, sensationalization, and marketization of politics and political communication. In other words, among many other things, populism might be considered as a new (political) communication style. ____

__ __

Populism, polarization and media trio also triggers questions regarding the current state and fate of democracy and representation in our times; migration, integration, and exclusion; the waning of state sovereignty; and national, regional, and global security. This year, in the 7^th gathering of International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society we aim to discuss these issues. We value the opportunity to address these questions with participation of scholars from different geographical, disciplinary and academic settings. Within this perspective, the conference aims to bring together scholars from across disciplines to discuss issues related to Communication and politics in a changing world. Potential topics for presentations include but are not limited to:____

__ __

__ __

·Theoretical perspectives on populism____

·Populist political parties, movements and discourses____

·Populism and the crisis of representative democracy____

·Populism and neoliberalism____

·Populism and its ‘other(s)’____

·Populism and the media____

·(Post) Truth and populism____

·Security, insecurity, and populism____

·Meaning and aspects of security in contemporary politics____

·Crises and ambivalence ____

·Utopias, dystopias and heterotopias


Submit a maximum 500 words abstract to:____

Nihan Barlas
Faculty of Communications, Kadir Has University, Istanbul-TURKEY
(nihan.barlas /at/ <mailto:(nihan.barlas /at/>____

*Proposals should be submitted in the following order:*____

Name of the author(s)
Telephone, fax, and e-mail address
Title of proposal
Body of proposal____

*DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: January 19, 2018*____

You will be notified by February 5, 2018 regarding the status of your proposal.____

Previous years the selected papers have been published in edited volumes with respected publishers. The organizing committee is planning to edit a new volume with selected papers from this year’s conference.____

For further information about conference venue, transportation and submission please visit our website: http://www.iccts.info____

For further information about the conference in general, contact:
Prof. Banu Baybars-Hawks ((banubhawks /at/ <>)

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