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[ecrea] new issue Appareil - dedicated to Friedrich Kittler

Wed Jan 03 19:05:48 GMT 2018

It is a pleasure to inform you that the lastest issue of Appareil, dedicated to Friedrich Kittler, is out! Appareil is a free digital access French journal that offers a space for the development of a theory and an analysis of the devices in order to think the contemporary. It collects for this purpose contributions from various fields: philosophy, theories of arts, history, human sciences, political sciences ...

You can access the issue at :

Friedrich A. Kittler : Esthétique et théorie des médias
Friedrich A. Kittler : Aesthetic and theory of Media.

Edited by Audrey Rieber and Slaven Waelti

Friedrich A. Kittler, renewed the approach to our senses and thought from a question about their  conditions under pervesive media technologies. His approach has resulted in the development of new perspectives in media theory and to a certain extend new disciplines, such as media archaeology. This issue of Appareil explores contemporary lines of analysis that trace the links between media techniques, human sciences, literature, and
    Audrey Rieber and Slaven Waelti

    Introduction, filiations, critique
        - Exorciser l’homme des sciences humaines : programmes du poststructuralisme  
        Friedrich A. Kittler
        - Archéologies sauvages : Freud et Foucault au péril de Kittler  
        Knut Ebeling
        - Quand Kittler renouvelle la métaphysique  
        Jean-Louis Déotte
    Écriture, littérature, notation
        - « La lettre morte » – Friedrich Kittler en correspondance avec les poststructuralistes  
        Katia Schwerzmann
        - La mort de l’auteur selon Friedrich Kittler  
        Emmanuel Guez and Frédérique Vargoz
        - Poétique du réel et optiques littéraires : Friedrich A. Kittler  
        Slaven Waelti
    Esthétique, technique, métaphysique
        - La fin de l’art selon Friedrich Kittler Que reste-t-il de l’esthétique pour une théorie technique des médias ?
        Audrey Rieber
        - Rendre invisible – L’infographie et la fin des Médias optiques  
        Ricardo Cedeño Montaña and Christina Vagt

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