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[ecrea] MZES Open Social Science Conference 2019

Thu Aug 16 09:38:52 GMT 2018

I am writing to remind you that the deadline for submissions to the *MZES Open Social Science Conference* *2019 (OSSC19) *is approaching fast. Please submit your extended abstracts (750 words max) before *22 August 2018, 24:00 CEST*. Please note that OSSC19 welcomes submissions from all corners of the social sciences. *We especially and emphatically invite media and communication scholars to submit a talk or participate in the pre-registration competition, too!*

OSSC19 will be held at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES) in Mannheim, Germany, from 25-27 January 2019.

It offers an opportunity to connect with the open science movement for all researchers from across the social sciences who are interested in debating, advancing, and practicing open science. OSSC19 will feature keynotes by Jeremy Freese (Stanford University), Thomas König (University of Mannheim), Arthur Lupia (University of Michigan), and Julia Rohrer (University of Leipzig).

There are two options for you to participate in the conference:

 1. You can *give a talk* that provides discussion of, a methodological
    advance to, or a demonstration of best practices in open social
 2. You can submit an extended abstract for a study you would like to
    conduct (i.e., a “pre-registered analysis plan”). The submitter(s)
    of the best abstract will get the opportunity present their study
    plan at OSSC19 and will win *free collection of survey panel data
    from a high-quality national probability sample *or, alternatively,
    *financial support for a data collection effort of the participant’s
    own choosing*:

Please note that OSSC19 is transdisciplinary in nature: Submissions from any social science discipline are welcome!

We look forward to your submissions. Feel free to contact usat (openscience /at/ <mailto:(openscience /at/> if you have any questions!


  CfP -- MZES Open Social Science Conference 2019: Practicing New
  Standards in Transparency and Reproducibility

This conference is a forum for practicing and discussing credibility, transparency and replicability in the social sciences.

About a decade ago, John Ioannidis claimed that “most published research findings are false”. While seeming outrageous at the time, a growing body of meta-scientific research in the behavioral and social sciences substantiated this claim, causing uncertainty about the trustworthiness of published scientific findings. We believe that threats to the validity of published findings in the social sciences are widespread and systemic. Therefore, this conference promotes introspection about the current state of social science research and exchange on the opportunities for institutional and methodological improvement in the future.

The conference is supported by the /Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences/ ( and will take place from *25-27 January 2019* in *Mannheim*, Germany.

Conference website <>:

Conference twitter <>:

*Keynote speakers:*

Jeremy Freese (Stanford University)

Thomas König (APSR, University of Mannheim)

Arthur Lupia (OSF, University of Michigan)

Julia Rohrer (100% CI, Leipzig University)

*Participate in the conference:*

  * *Give a talk*: We call for researchers to advance discussion,
    debate, literature synthesis, or methods in open social science. We
    welcome methodological advances, e.g., p-curve analysis, systematic
    reviews, pre-analysis planning, and replication. We welcome general
    research findings that apply best practices of open science while
    conducting the research - Abstract submission DL: 22 August 2018
  * *MZES-GESIS Pre-Registration Challenge*:  We call for researchers to
    participate in a competition to win funding or free survey time for
    the most innovative and rigorous pre-registration plan for a social
    science study. - Abstract submission DL: 22 August 2018
  * Participate *as a guest* in Mannheim during the conference or during
    the subsequent Open Science Workshop, offered in collaboration with
    the /Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences/
    ( Or use the live stream online.
*Organizing Committee*

Nate Breznau (MZES, University of Mannheim)

Eike Mark Rinke (MZES, University of Mannheim)

Alexander Wuttke (MZES, University of Mannheim)

Conference website:

Twitter: @opensocsci


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