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[ecrea] CFP: Popular Culture, Fandom and Tourism

Mon Aug 13 18:18:43 GMT 2018

**/The Journal of Popular Culture/**




*Guest Editors*

*Lincoln Geraghty, University of Portsmouth, UK*

*Vassilios Ziakas, Plymouth Marjon University, UK*

*Christine Lundberg, University of Surrey, UK*


Popular culture tourism encompasses destinations featured in popular culture expressions (e.g. film, television, literature, music, fashion, sports) and the people who travel to these places because of their association to the expression. Traditionally, popular culture tourism research has focused on either one of these perspectives, exploring topics like commoditization, staged performances and authenticity; these focus on the extent to which a tourism experience is organized for visitors and to what degree it can be regarded as “genuine”. Popular culture tourism destinations often experience a strong marketing push to cultivate niche products and experiences in the wake of being featured in a popular culture medium. Thus, unique destination marketing opportunities follow this kind of tourism, such as the shaping of destination images and brands for example through the re-imagination of historical pasts and fabrication of a modern heritage.The tourists who visit these destinations exhibit somewhat more complex motivations than traditional tourists’ travel motives. Some have a passionate interest (i.e. fans) in a particular popular culture phenomenon, whilst for others the popular culture association of the place attracts them to visit for of added value. For fans, the drama, entertainment, social interaction as well as community connections are central to the experience.

The purpose of the special issue is twofold. First, it aims to explorefrom a multi-disciplinary perspective the emergent intersections between popular culture, fandom and tourism as a debatable consequence of the increasing processes of mediatisation and globalization. Second, the special issue aims toinvestigatehow the manifestation ofmeanings induced by popular culture andcommunal fan identification in search for authenticity influence the place-making practices of destinations.


*Authors are invited to submit manuscripts relevant, but not limited, to the above themes:*

·*History of the intersection between popular culture and tourism*

·*Economic and socio-cultural theory underpinning the development of the popular culture tourism phenomenon*

·*Globalization, mediatization and the transformation of popular culture and tourism*

·*Popular culture as a means of tourism development: issues, opportunities, and controversies*

·*Heritage, popular culture tourism and authenticity*

·*Popular culture production and consumption patterns inducing tourism*

·*Fandom, neo-tribalism and co-creation in popular culture tourism*

·*Integrated destination place-making, management and marketing for popular culture tourism*

·*Non-representation theory, space, place and popular culture tourism*

·*Popular culture tourism and sustainable development*



*The call welcomes and encourages theoretical or empirical papers taking an interdisciplinary perspective from academics and practitioners who form part of the wider research community, where interests align with the themes identified above. For all proposals, authors should submit an abstract (250 - 300 words) to the guest editors*, by the date indicated in the timeline below. *


*Timeline *

*Saturday 1 November 2018:Submission of abstracts (to guest editors)*

*Monday 19 November 2018: Response to abstracts and acceptance*

*March/April 2019:Submission of full papers to ScholarOne Manuscripts*

*April/June 2019: Anonymous Peer Review via /TJPC /(4-8 weeks)*

*June/July 2019:Initial decisions / reviews sent back to authors*

*Late August/Early September 2019: Submission of final papers to ScholarOne Manuscripts*

*Mid-September/Early October 2019:Copyediting*

*Friday 18 October 2019: Submit papers for typesetting*

*Monday 2 December 2019:Online publication of accepted articles*


*Length of the papers*

*It is anticipated that papers included in this special issue will be between 5,000 and 7,500 words. Manuscripts exceeding this length will be critically reviewed and if appropriate can be extended. *


*Submission guidelines*

*Manuscripts will undergo blind peer review. Please indicate in the title page that your manuscript is a candidate for the special issue. Submissionsto/The Journal of Popular Culture/aremadeusingScholar OneManuscripts-the journal onlinesubmissionandpeerreviewsystem.Registration and access is available at:*


*Papers must be formatted in strict accordance with /The Journal of Popular Culture/ style guidelines. Toviewthecompleteinstructionsforauthors,pleasegoto:*



**Editors’ Contact Information *

*Please copy in and submit abstracts to all three editors:*

*(Lincoln.Geraghty /at/ <mailto:(Lincoln.Geraghty /at/>***

*(vziakas /at/ <mailto:(vziakas /at/>*

*(c.lundberg /at/ <mailto:(c.lundberg /at/>***


Dr Lincoln Geraghty FHEA, FRSA
Reader in Popular Media Cultures

School of Media and Performing Arts
University of Portsmouth

Guest Editor, Popular Culture, Fandom and Tourism, Special Issue of /The Journal of Popular Culture/:

Recent article:

'Hallowed place, toxic space: "Celebrating" Steve Bartman and Chicago Cubs' fan pilgrimage' <>, /Participations: The Journal of Audience and Reception Studies/ 15.1, May (2018)

Comment: The State of Fandom Studies 2018: Lincoln Geraghty and Nicolle Lamerichs (Pt. 1) <>, Henry Jenkins, Confessions of an Aca-Fan

News: /Pizza delivery for Walter White: the pros and cons of fan tourism <>/, /The Conversation/

Editor, /Popular Media Cultures: Fans, Audiences and Paratexts /(Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2015)

Editor, /Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood 2 /(Bristol: Intellect, 2015),id=5046/

Most recent book: /Cult Collectors: Nostalgia, Fandom and Collecting Popular Culture/(London: Routledge, 2014)

Senior Editor: /Cogent Arts & Humanities/:

The Primary Research Group for The World Star Wars Project: Member of PLACIM (Platform for a Cultural History of Children's Media): Editorial Board Member: /Journal of Fandom Studies/://
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Winston Churchill Avenue
Tel: +44 (0) 239 284 5754
Fax: +44 (0) 239 284 5372
E-mail: (Lincoln.Geraghty /at/

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