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[ecrea] Psychoanalysis and Ideology

Wed Aug 01 09:02:57 GMT 2018

This is the final call for papers for the next session of Psychoanalysis in Our Time, which will take place in association with the University of Gdansk in the beautiful resort of Sopot from 5th-7th October 2018. This is meeting is a part of the BAFTSS Psychoanalysis SIG and the NSU research circle. The theme for this transdisciplinary symposium will be: "Psychoanalysis, Nationalism and Ideology".  Our keynote is the notable philosopher and psychoanalyst Alenka Zupancic.  Professor Thomas Elsaesser will be present too with a book launch of his new collection in Polish and a talk about ideology and abject in cinema.  We welcome films and theatre presentations too. Please note that we aim to createan atmosphere of fun as well as collegiality and to this effect we have one dinner included in the registration fee and one drinks party too!  All lunches are included too in your registration fee. As many of you know, we have an excellent track record with publications inspired by these meetings. Please see full details in the CFP below.
We hope to see you there!

We have moved the deadline for submissions is the  8^th  August 2018.
The registration fee is £145, or £75 for students.  We can offer some bursaries. There will be no parallel sessions as we aim to provide a true working group.
*CFP:** Psychoanalysis in Our Time **2018 –** Psychoanalysis**, Nationalism and Ideology, Sopot/Gdansk, Poland, 5**^th **-7**^th ** October 2018* Now in its fifth year – and following the great success of sessions across Europe – the Psychoanalysis in Our Time research network is delighted to announce the call for papers for our next event, which will take place in association with the University of Gdansk, Poland from 5^th  to 7^th  October 2018. The topic for this symposium will be “Psychoanalysis, Nationalism and Ideology”. This research initiative funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and supported by the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies aims to initiate and develop trans-disciplinary conversations. We believe in deep and ardent discussions in sessions and over meals and wine – which will be flowing freely. We have published a first edited collection stemming from meetings in Copenhagen and Tallinn, entitled /Psychoanalysis //and The Unrepresentable: from Culture to the Clinic/ (Routledge, 2016), and are currently working on a second collection, /Psychoanalysis //and Femininity/, due for publication with Routledge next year. Please send an abstract (max. 300 words) and a short biographical statement to the coordinators: Agnieszka Piotrowska ((agnieszka.piotrowska /at/ <mailto:(agnieszka.piotrowska /at/>), Ben Tyrer ((tyrer.ben /at/ <mailto:(tyrer.ben /at/>) or Charlotta Lund ((lund.charlotta /at/ <mailto:(lund.charlotta /at/>).
*The deadline for submission is 8th August 2018.*
We welcome submissions for 20-minute presentations from artists, academics and clinicians, and would invite different approaches to this subject through films, performances or creative writings from, for example, historians, film and literature scholars, or natural scientists with an interest in psychoanalysis.
Possible topics could include (but are not limited to):
·A move to the right? Current trends in Poland and in the world vis-à-vis the notion ofinterpellation
·Cinema, ideology, spectatorship – new trends in film theory
·Fake news, social media and ideology
·Television drama, ideology and interpellation
·Freud and group psychology: ego, libido and the “mass”
·Psychoanalysis and fascism (e.g. Wilhelm Reich – /The Mass Psychology of Fascism/)
·Freudo-Marxism and the Frankfurt School (Marcuse, Fromm)
·Lacan and Marx / “How Marx invented the symptom”
·The Slovenian School and contemporary ideology critique (Žižek, Dolar, Zupančič) ·Lacan and the political Left/the Essex School (Laclau and Mouffe, Stavrakakis, Glynos) ·Psychoanalysis and Historical Materialism (Raymond Williams, Frederic Jameson)
·Marxism, Maoism and psychoanalysis in Paris (Althusser, Badiou)
·Ideology, interpassivity and belief (Robert Pfaller)
·Psychoanalysis and Neoliberalism (Todd McGowan, Paul Verhaeghe, Mark Fisher) ·Colonialism, anti-colonialism and ideology through psychoanalysis (Fanon, Octave Mannoni)
·Intersectionality and ideology in cinema and culture – new ideas
·Ideological critique of psychoanalysis (Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari)
We look forward to receiving your proposals. As always we aim to be outrageous but scholarly and rigorous. We welcome psychoanalytically-inspired performance pieces too.

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