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[ecrea] New book: Representing Communities: Discourse and Contexts

Wed Oct 18 20:01:12 GMT 2017

Representing Communities: Discourse and Contexts
Ruth Sanz Sabido (Editor)
Palgrave Macmillan

This edited collection offers the latest research into the reproduction of ‘hegemonic’ discourse and the ways in which the description and evaluation of social groups affects their ability to exercise cultural and political autonomy. The book examines the representations of a number of communities and social groups, both within their ‘micro-contexts’, and with reference to the economic, political, social, cultural and technological ‘macro-contexts’ in which they are embedded. The analysis highlights the connections between discourse, power, dominance and social inequality, focusing on patriarchal, capitalist and postcolonial representations and power imbalances. Based on a combination of theoretical and empirical analyses, the collection offers an array of macro-social critiques based on the analysis and critical understanding of contemporary contexts and representations, and how they contribute to political, social, economic and cultural practices.


Introduction: Communities, Discourse and Contexts
Ruth Sanz Sabido
Pages 1-16

Constructing Community: Notes on a Slippery Concept
Rinella Cere
Pages 19-34

Transforming the Politics of Gender and Voice: Strategies of Expertise and Experience
Anita Biressi and Heather Nunn
Pages 35-53

Populism, “Community” and Political Culture: The Revenge of the Liberal Elite
Stuart Price
Pages 55-75

Discursive Colonialism: German Settler Communities, Their Media and Infrastructure in Africa, 1898–1914
Corinna Schäfer
Pages 77-93

Legitimising Political Homophobia: Sexual Minorities and Russian Television News
Anna Khlusova
Pages 97-116

Interrogating Representations and Misrepresentations of Violence: The Contested Identities of Generation 1.5 Somalis in Melbourne
Elizabeth Lakey
Pages 117-134

News Coverage of a Women’s Hunger Strike Against “Chauvinist Violence”
Ruth Sanz Sabido
Pages 135-161

Egresses: Countering Stereotypes of Blackness and Disability Through Horrorcore and Krip Hop
Mikko O. Koivisto
Pages 163-180

New Orleans, Food, Race and Gender on Television: Frank’s Place and Treme
Robin Roberts
Pages 183-198

Partiality, Patriotism and Propaganda: Aggregating Local News Sources in Ukraine
Richard Pendry
Pages 199-216

Constructing “Ordinary People” on British Television: Notes on the Politics of Representation
Rosalind Brunt
Pages 217-235


“The annual MeCCSA conference is a showcase for the very best in new research and thinking in media, communication and cultural studies in UK universities. This top class selection from the 2016 conference is a rich and stimulating set of papers, from new work on ‘populism’ to work on gender, colonialism, representations of violence and of ‘ordinary people’. The range and quality of this important collection are a tribute to the continuing vitality and innovation of the field.” (Peter Golding, Emeritus Professor, Northumbria University, UK)

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