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[ecrea] new book: Media Practices, Social Movements, and Performativity

Tue Oct 03 11:46:45 GMT 2017

Media Practices, Social Movements, and Performativity <>: Transdisciplinary Perspectives. New York: Routledge 2018

Susanne Foellmer, Margreth Lünenborg, Christoph Raetzsch (eds.)

As individuals incorporate new forms of media into their daily routines, these media transform individuals’ engagement with networks of heterogeneous actors. Using the concept of media practices, this volume looks at processes of social and political transformation in diverse regions of the world to argue that media change and social change converge on a redefinition of the relations of individuals to larger collective bodies. To this end, contributors examine new collective actors emerging in the public arena through digital media or established actors adjusting to a diversified communication environment. The book offers an important contribution to a vibrant, transdisciplinary, and international field of research emerging at the intersections of communication, performance and social movement studies.

Table of Contents:


Susanne Foellmer, Margreth Lünenborg, Christoph Raetzsch

Part I: Framing Media Practices: Theoretical Perspectives

1. From Public Sphere to Performative Publics: Developing Media Practice as an Analytic Model

Margreth Lünenborg/ Christoph Raetzsch

2. Reframing Modes of Resistance: Performing and Choreographing Protest Through Media Practices

Susanne Foellmer/ Matthias Warstat

Part II: Approaching Media Practices: Mobilities – Movements – Interventions

3. Mobilising the homeless? A proposal for the concept of banal mobilisation

Maren Hartmann

4. Gezi Uprising: Performative Democracy and Politics of the Body in an Extended Space of Appearance

Gurur Ertem

5.Mobilise, justify, accuse – the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood strategies in the context of changing media practices

Carola Richter

6. The Mechanics of Signification – Making the Story of Embros

Gigu Argyropoulou/ Natascha Siouzouli

7. "Narco Culture" and Media Practices: Negotiating Gender Identities in Contexts of Violence

Teresa Orozco Martínez/ Martha Zapata Galindo

8. Performing fragmented realities: Interventionist media practice by LIGNA, Rimini Protokoll and plan b

Patrick Primavesi

9. Succession or Cessation: The Challenge of New Media for the Japan-Korea Solidarity Movement

Misook Lee

Afterword: A precarious dance, a derivative sociality

Randy Martin

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